Exported from Notepad++@echo off rem ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: REM DISSEMINATES REVIT OOTB DRAG AND DROPPED FOLDER TO CLIENT-SPECIFIC NAMED FOLDERS REM file-folder path for drag and drop REM ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: REM DESTINATION PATH and DEFAULTS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: set NewPath=L:\AUTODESK\L-REVIT set Version=2019 set Client=ootb_ REM ::: if no source prompts will help find content @set source=%~1if [%source%] == [] set source=C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT %version%Echo Source Data::: %source%REM SET Fopt TO ALL BY DEFAULT set Fopt= /e *.*rem ======================================================= call :GetPrefixData : CLS REM prefix subroutine REM ROBOCOPY PREFS DO NOT SPECIFY FILE *.* ! set RoboPrefs= /TEE /NJH /NFL /NDL /NC /Z /DCOPY:T /MT:8 /XO /IT /XJ /FFT /DST /XJD /XJF /R:0 /W:0 /REG /TBD /LOG+:%newpath%\RVT_%version%_SPLIT.txt rem ===set values==============================…

Cleaning up targeted ads in Google targeted ads for stuff you already bought

Just found you can go to Google chrome or Android Google and enter this: while logged into your account and edit categories out that were edited from your searches!

To find excel and open it and find a workbook and run a macro from VBS

Submain()DimobjExcel''As Object DimFOUND,FPDimobjShellDimstrPathSetobjShell=CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")FP=objShell.SpecialFolders.Item("MyDocuments")&"\TimeLogs\"''get MyDocuments folder & TimeLogs ''msgbox fp ''Debug FP SetobjExcel=GetObject("S:\Users\ron.Allen\Documents\TimeLogs\CURRENT.xlsm").ApplicationIfErrThenMsgBox"Excel not open- opening"SetobjExcel=CreateObject("Excel.Application")'Create excel object ElseForEachobjWorkbookInobjExcel.WorkbooksIfLCase(objWorkbook.Name)=LCase("CURRENT.XLSM")Then''MsgBox objWorkbook.Name ''objExcel.Application.WindowState = -4143 objWorkbook.Activate'Activate it FOUND=TrueExitForEndIfNext''objWorkbook EndIf'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Open the file if excel was o…

New revit snooper for 2019 available!

New revit tools available!

Lubuntu 14.x RDP and accessing the home desktop aka Desktop:0

Installed tight VNC using this as a guide here:


The piece I had been missing was the port. in a multi user environment the port also connects to the desktop. Desktop 0 (zero) is the default desktop. so I set my INI file accordingly to ask5900 so it will ask but prepopulate with the desktop zero which passes on port 5900.

RealVNC setup1. Uninstallation of the default Ubuntu VNC server (Vino): Go to: System --> Administration --> Synaptic Package Manager Search for the "Vino" package, Mark For Removal, Apply. 2. Installation of TightVNC and XRDP: While you are using Synaptic Package Manager, seacrh for "tightvnc" package (be careful, not "xtightvnc") and Mark For Installation. Likewise, search for the "xrdp" package and Mark also For Installation. Apply. PS: if you want, you may discard any other "vnc" package that you don't need! 3. Configuration of XRDP (Optional) Open a terminal …

Introducing Sourcelist: Promoting diversity in technology policy

Introducing Sourcelist: Promoting diversity in technology policy:

It is a good idea- I have a similar idea for a national database of all folks and their job histories, *proven capabilities*, recommendations, etc. A database not just for women but to hire people on *availability*, *capability* and *merit* regardless of any other label.

Justice is supposed to be blind- Why shouldn't hiring be based solely on capability with no other available data? Human beings will likely have one bias or another- until those are weeded out, there must be a system to provide equity.

These next words are painful; and I *do* believe in the idea of affirmative action- however, the current method and application of Affirmative has very mixed results. Forcing the break down of the walls of segregation and bigotry, discrimination and racism, etc. is itself a forced discrimination which I have seen many take advantage of to creating mediocrity through entitlement. There are those skating through on the…