windows - How can I add an item to the 'new' context menu? - Super User

windows - How can I add an item to the 'new' context menu? - Super User

Easiest to add it in the reg and export it - then create a "REMOVE" version by adding - in fornt of the REG:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00




The sub keys don' t have to be removed - but shown as an example of how to remove the file. - Just ass a "-" after the [ in the key.

Also note - when adding paths - easier to plug in the paths and let RegEdit store the key for all the extra 'escapes' - especially for UNC paths:



Encode string using 6-bir 64 character string to GUID and back check

AttributeVB_Name="base2_6"''Total hack- BUT it works to jam 21 characters using a 6 bit reference ''into a 128bit GUID ''Characters register 6 bit binary MSB at left, ''every 8 bits gets jammed into a HEX and those bits removed off the stack ''when max characters is reached- there are 2 bits left over - filled with ''LSB "00" to force the HEX to generate for 32 characters of hex for ''A 128 bit GUID. Will work on the round trip next to convert from GUID ''to string - 5 more characters than a straight ASCII to hex conversion OptionExplicit''Background - to create as long of a static GUID from a string (21) ''Base 2^6 = 6 bit, 64 characters, # 0-63 ''decode = Value - (CharPosition*Base) ''Encode = Value + (CharPosition*Base) 'look at 24 bit chunks (6bit and 8bit share every 24 bits bit group.) '00000x00000x00000x00000x = every four characters in 6 bit = 24 bi…