For finding the Public Tokens for Python or other code that requires inclusion of assemblies- thread on finding those and an more basic excel python connector from my version in previous and later posts- is included here  for reference.

Refer to the C:\Windows\assembly folder- the public token Key is listed there!


Hello All,
Whenever I try to run the “Read.Excel” node in dynamo it opens the excel file along with it. Is there a way to stop opening the excel file?

 Solved by Atkins14 in post #6
i have put together a bit of python code which closes the active workbook, you should be able to copy and paste the below code in. It uses an if statement as a trigger. Its a bit messy as you need to use this everytime a spreadsheet is opened. Ideally, would want this to run right at the end and clo…

modify the Revit in file through the API.

Different batteries including hydrogen cells


publicvoidExportSelectoinToPCF(){// get the selected element ids List<ElementId>elementIdsToPCF=newList<ElementId>();List<ElementId>selectedElementIds=this.ActiveUIDocument.Selection.GetElementIds().ToList();elementIdsToPCF.AddRange(selectedElementIds);// output PCF for each assembly OutputAssemblyPCFs(elementIdsToPCF,this.ActiveUIDocument.Document);}// ExportSelectoinToPCF publicvoidOutputAssemblyPCFs(List<ElementId>selectedElementIds,DocumenttheDocument){foreach(ElementIdidinselectedElementIds){// check if this is an assembly AssemblyInstanceassemblyInst=theDocument.GetElement(id)asAssemblyInstance;if(assemblyInst==null)continue;// get the items IDs the assembly List<ElementId>lstElemIds=newList<ElementId>();lstElemIds.AddRange(assemblyInst.GetMemberIds());// get the name of the assembly stringassemblyName=assemblyInst.AssemblyTypeName;strin…