Linkein deep state, "blind as a bot" Blind as a bot... You either get it or you are blind or a bot or have special wealth interests. Trump is trying to spread the wealth by cutting taxes on corporations that closed it's American doors to operate overseas in tax shelters... Really? I agree with the national movement to bring industrialization back to the US, but the austerity and speed of these tariffs is happing to fast hitting out industry, Farmers and so much more. No more exemptions, no more exceptions, open books on everyone and financing made public knowledge. Limit salaries to a corporation limited to 500m to 1b each, and salaries limited to 40% of a non exempt mean calculation. No tricky math. Rule of law, like refusing to see and revuew appointees by Obama's to the Supreme Court? Kudos to the Republicans for outmanuvering the Democrats, but if everyone is privatized like roads, water, infrastructure... Only the oligarchy will survive until the American people wake up then t…

SAGE 5D Cost estimating with Revit

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Excel select columns numerically in VBA

I used a variant of this to select columns for sorting:
   lastcol = ws.Cells(1, ws.Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column
   ws.Columns(1).Resize(, lastcol).Select

Thank you Mr. Jon Acampora !:
Sub Column_Number_References() 'This macro contains VBA examples of how to'reference or select a column by numbers instead of lettersDim lCol AsLong'The standard way to reference columns by letters     Range("A:B").Select     Range("A:A").Select     Columns("A").Select     Columns("A:F").Select           'Select a single column with Columns property'The following line selects column B (column 2) Columns(2).Select           'Select columns based on a variable     lCol = 2     Columns(lCol).Select           'Select columns based on variable of a cell's value'Cell A1 must contain a valid column number.     lCol = Range("A1&…

Revit Dynamo Tricks shared by Jacob Small at autodesk

Jacob Small at Autodesk shares some hashtag#dynamo tricks with me to expose hashtag#parameters and hashtag#methods of elements in lists using a code block in Dynamo with some of the following tricks:

Python transpose list (From Stack Excchange)

From ##Transpose to new list new_list=[] old_list=(item1,item2,item3,item4) new_list=map(list, zip(*old_list)) ##List is the FUNCTION that creates the list. ##Transposed list in new_list

View .log or other file types in the preview window. RegEdit> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Classes Found .log Added a new String Value with Value Name PerceivedType and Value Data text. Started working straight away. shareimprove this answer edited Aug 6 '17 at 14:25 ba_ul 1033 answered Sep 19 '13 at 9:59 user255627 17112