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2013 Revit Server : Warping Constant


2013 Revit: Warping Constant: Troubleshooting Information Required

source : Autodesk Technical Support


Revit 2013 message Warping Constant keeps popping up preventing the opening of a central file

excerpt from Autodesk Technical Support:

The error

Actually means “file not found”. The reason it displays improperly is a conflict between Revit and Windows. The most common cause for that error is that during the time period that the first Revit session creates the model on the server, but does not finish upload data yet, a second session of Revit tries to access it. Even though the user can see the file, it is not complete and should trigger a “File not found” error.

I have some questions that will help me troubleshoot this issue:

Does their server have DFS?

Are all machines accessing the central file the same way (same mapped driver letter vs. UNC)?

Does this happen in all files?

What operating …

Center riser stair


Chronicle: Capture, Exploration, and Playback of Document Workflow Histories - Publications - Autodesk Research

A means for capturing workflow- a lot like
Chronicle: Capture, Exploration, and Playback of Document Workflow Histories - Publications - Autodesk Research

PaperTovi Grossman, Justin Matejka & George Fitzmaurice. (2010).
Chronicle: Capture, Exploration, and Playback of Document Workflow Histories
UIST 2010 Conference Proceedings:
ACM Symposium on User Interface Software & Technology.
pp. 143 - 152. Download PDF
Active presenter does the same thing- just need a means to organize the segments into a coherent database of help files.

Fwd: New comment on "Is BIM (or more accurately, Revit) development really stagnating?"

LinkedIn GroupsGroup: BIM ExpertsDiscussion:Is BIM (or more accurately, Revit) development really stagnating? OSI (Open Systems Interconnection), similar to TCP-IP, is a communications model. <> The Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model is a product of the Open Systems Interconnection effort at the International Organization for Standardization. It is a prescription of characterising and standardising the functions of a communications system in terms of abstraction layers. Similar communication functions are grouped into logical layers. A layer serves the layer above it and is served by the layer below it.

How might this help us to make the world's building information easy to access? I'm not sure yet.
Posted by David "Joshua" Plager, AIA

Officeless offices

Cost of server vs virtulization


Managing Revit Drawing Revisions in Newforma Project Center: AECbytes Tips
and Tricks

Trimble Field Link 1.1 - Surveying, Technology, Tools And Equipment - Concrete Construction


PKNail Pro For Revit | PointKnown

This is slick-
Point and scan for Revit- old manual scan and input of data for those looking for a less expensive alternative to point clouds or photogrammery : )
Combine this with photogrammery and high res images and you have a point click and scale solution!

Smart Boards

Talk about green- saving paper and interactive boards for a multitude of uses! SMART Board interactive whiteboards Join millions of students and teachers around the world who use the SMART Board interactive whiteboard to help improve learning outcomes. Combining the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer, the SMART Board interactive whiteboard lets you deliver dynamic lessons, write notes in digital ink, and save your work – all with the simple touch of a finger.


Store all UNMODIFIED AutoCAD backgrounds, PDFs to/from the particular consultant here in dated subfolders. EG: (.\Structural\ARCHIVE\)
Store all MODIFIED and RENAMED background/link files in the top-level consultant folder. EG: (.\Structural\)
Folder naming: YYYY-MM-DD-(brief description of transmittal)
Files: NONE- store ALL files in dated subfolders - see folder naming above.
PROCEDURE for DOWNLOADING or preparation for UPLOADING content from/for a consultant:
STEP EXAMPLE Browse to the consultant folder .\Structural\ Browse to the  Archive sub-folder .\Structural\ARCHIVE\ Create a dated folder YYYY-MM-DD-[DOWNLOAD or UPLOAD]-[Brief_title/description]  for the DATE THE FILE WAS PROVIDED BY OR SENT BY THE CONSULTANT
Copying a file takes a few seconds- uploading/downloading takes minuites. Saving to archive folders saves time and allows team members to work with minimal interruption. .\ Structural\ARCHIVE\2011-05-03-STRUCTURAL_UPDATE\ Browse to the new dated folder and save the files in the folder. …

FW: Conversation with Phil Read and M6

Just got off the phone with Phil Read at M6
It is an aggregating platform intended for collaboration- like Navis works on Steroids… Linking data and geometry and FM (Like Archibus or Maximumus, etc.) into a common central platform.
They are sending me an NDA so I can take a closer look at it : )
Drawback is it doesn't sound like it pushes data back to Revit… but they are talking about an API that would allow developers to tie in some fairly high level interfaces.
It is open GL and SQL based in the cloud….
We shall see : )

Excel functions to understand feet and inches input

Option Explicit
Public Function FT_DECI(Feet_STRING As String) As Variant     Dim WORK_VARIANT     Dim I As Integer     Dim nchar As String     Dim IsNegative As Boolean     ''INITIALIZE WORK_VARIANT     WORK_VARIANT = ""     Feet_STRING = Trim(Feet_STRING)     ''strip off leading alpha characters     For I = 1 To Len(Feet_STRING)         Select Case Mid(Feet_STRING, I, 1)             Case "0" To "9"                 Exit For             Case "-"                 IsNegative = True         End Select     Next I     Feet_STRING = Trim(Right(Feet_STRING, Len(Feet_STRING) - I + 1))     ''cleanup format string     For I = 1 To Len(Feet_STRING)         nchar = UCase(Mid(Feet_STRING, I, 1))         Select Case nchar             Case "0" To "9", "'", "."  '''''''<<<<<<<<<<<<<DEBUG "." Added                 WORK_…

Adaptive railings from David Light at HOK BIM

Railings that are easy to construct (Once you get the hang of adaptive components) and automatically conform to the x-height of the stairs.
Now if we only had a 'railing' family type (Wonder if you can force it to be 'railing' in the API?

FW: Revit 2012 Really odd (potentially useful) door behavior at curtain walls

Revit 2012 Really odd (potentially useful) door behavior at curtain walls…  If the curtain wall is hosted in a wall, a door can then be hosted to the main wall and effectively cut the curtain wall. Doors can also be moved into embedded walls- cutting the curtain wall.  Once this happens- ·If the base offset of the curtain wall family is changed the door is DELETED. ·If the curtain wall family profile sketch is modified from the default rectangle the door is deleted. ·If the curtain wall family sketch is RESET – the door remains. ·If the curtain wall is deleted- the door remains ·If the door is drug out of the curtain wall area, and the curtain wall sketch is modified or the base of the curtain wall sketch is modified, the door will be deleted. If you substitute a wall family for a panel, the curtain wall will not subdivide if the system is modified. Ron

Have you ever wondered what the most cost-effective printing is?

These prices are for a large nation wide large format print service used by Architects & engineers- so for this case… Keeping in mind that the sheet needs to fit the building (larger buildings on smaller sheets will require more sheets…); the 11x17 is less than half the cost of the 15x21.
Cost Breakdown


Width Height
Sqft Typical Typ. Cost/Sqft
1st set* 22 34
0.11 $0.72 $0.360
$1.50 11 17
0.01 $0.15 $0.075

FW: Autodesk Labs Utilities Project Storm for Revit Structure

Cloud-based structural analysis:
Project Storm for Autodesk Revit Structure is a technology preview that provides cloud-based structural analysis to structural engineers as a part of the BIM process. With Project Storm, engineers and designers can extend design models from Revit Structure to the cloud for structural analysis from directly within Revit Structure.

FW: Figured you might find this VERY interesting....

Revit 2013 supports physical properties… Likely they are gearing up for whole building thermal / dewpoint  analysis…

Revit 2012 to Revit 2013 test upgrade procedure using Bluebeam compare…

Revit 2012 to Revit 2013 test upgrade procedure using Bluebeam compare…

Shortcut generator

proof of concept of quick shortcuts… (*Note this L:\Graphics Library\UTILITIES\FolderUtilities\   --  "AutoShortcut.vbs" file this is an alpha script and needs polishing : )
With a regular folder structure- one click creates quick access to folders we use most often for each project; without modifying the actual project's folder structure.
Some  'quick folders' customizations could include ·'marketing' quick folders ·'proposal' quick folders ·PM's typical quick folders ·'construction document' or production quick folders ·Or Any typical or favorite configuration need[REA] ed. ·Note- It doesn't exclude any folders- it just creates an organized set of links the folders we most often use on projects. The existing folder structure remains consistent and intact.
Shortcuts are  located in C:\Users\[YOUR USED ID]\Documents\_Projects   This folder my 'HOME' folders for Revit, AutoCAD, Excel, Word, windows start bar - everything.