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Swatch ng for strong joins for a bed.

Project soane
Work Breakout table formatter
Option Explicit
Sub Table_Format_bottom_right()     Dim objTable As Table     Dim I As Integer     Set objTable = Selection.Tables(1)     With objTable         ''Padding to 0         .TopPadding = InchesToPoints(0)         .BottomPadding = InchesToPoints(0)         .LeftPadding = InchesToPoints(0.001)         .RightPadding = InchesToPoints(0)         ''Format colors         For I = objTable.Columns.Count To 1 Step -1             ''Shading             ShadeMod .Columns(I), I             ShadeMod .Rows(I), I             ''borders             BDR_NONE objTable.Columns(I).Borders(wdBorderHorizontal)
            BDR_NONE objTable.Rows(I).Borders(wdBorderVertical)
            BDR_Single objTable.Columns(I).Borders(wdBorderLeft)
            BDR_Single objTable.Rows(I).Borders(wdBorderTop)
        Next I         For I = 1 To objTable.Columns.Count - 1             objTable.Columns(I).AutoFit         Next I
        I = objTable.Rows.…

Parametric walls VIA profiles in sketchup

20mp camera module.

Getting close to Star Trek Tri-corders

GETTING CLOSE TO STAR TREK TRI-CORDERS.... Cool tech, great for spotting thermal leaks, or seeing in the dark. Interested to know the Range and Would love to have a multi spectral into radio, em, UV and other ranges...

Self-cert for macros

How to create a self-signed certificate that can be used to sign MS-Office VBA projects (Excel/Word macros) on multiple computers Problem: When a certificate is created by using selfcert.exe, it's private key cannot be exported. The export wizard of the Windows certificate console says "the associated private key is marked as not exportable". Solution version 1: Use makecert.exe with the "-pe" option to create and store the certificate with an exportable private key: makecert -r -pe -n "CN=Your Name" -b 01/01/2000 -e 01/01/2099 -eku -ss My Then you can export the certificate from the Windows certificate store, including the private key. Note: Old versions of makecert.exe do not support the "-pe" option. The .NET Framework SDK 2.0 and the October 2002 version of the Platform SDK (build 3718.1) contain a new version of makecert.exe (5.131) that supports the "-pe" option.