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Routine to automatically pull images and put in placeholders in powerpoint

So I had this issue the other night where a routine I have been using and tweaking over the past few years stopped working.  It is really relatively simple- about 150 lines of code but the core of the routine that put the images into the slides stopped working Monday. I am using office 365 x64 bit.

Figured it out how to get it working again - apparently there is a glitch in VBA - and an old approach started working again and by adding 0.1 second waits, the routine is working (so very odd). Being x64 office may be part of the issue, but it was working at the beginning of the year. Here is the heart o the code that actually inserts the images:     For Each ObjFile In ObjFolder.Files
        If ObjFile.Name Like "*.png" Then
            Set pre = Application.ActivePresentation
            ''This sets the slide type:
            Set ObjSlide = pre.Slides.Add(Index:=pre.Slides.Count + 1, Layout:=ppLayoutChart)
                ObjSlide.Shapes(1).TextFrame.TextRange = ObjFile.Nam…
You may want to hold off on 8.1 unless you want your start button back. Very sketchy (shady?) what Microsoft is up to at the moment. From what I gather ( MS Is not offering security patches to 8.1 unless you get the 8.1 update. (Eyes rolling- like we wouldn't update : ) Mostly looks like they are trying to condition behaviors to the new metro interface and gain press wherever they can.

Apparently MS may be coming out with a 'free' cloud version OS and potentially 3 sub-versions of the OS. (Tablet, desktop and 'old school' corporate interfaces). They are likely to make their money selling servers, datacenter editions and outright azure access to become a data/infrastructure powerhouse like google. Not sure if they have made their minds up yet- but definitely some serious waves being made inside MS.
But, if you miss this train- no telling when the next…

Yea! Found 4" sewer pipe street elbows for a hydroponics project I am planning.

Fusion-io ioDrive Octal 10.24TB MLC FS6-802-10T-CS-0001 | Acmemicro

Found ome! Write-back cache controllers- need to do more research! Areca SAS RAID HBA ARC-1882i PCIe Int... | Acmemicro

Using Windows Server 2012's SSD Write-Back Cache --

Write Policies for Host-side Flash Caches | USENIX

SSD write caching for server performance | ZDNet

Problems with using SSDs for write caching and how to avoid them

Problems with using SSDs for write caching and how to avoid them: "Write-back cache"

Looking for a good setup for "Write-back cache" as opposed to write through cache which writes to the HDD but reads 'hot blocks' from the SSD. Hot blocks are data accessed regularly...

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Google lost their minds a month ago- here is a good google new tab redirect app....

Check out "New Tab Redirect":

Intel RCS25ZB040 Controller Card -

oooo.... aaaah....

Intel RCS25ZB040 Controller Card - "Intel RCS25ZB040 PCI-Express 3.0 x8 Low-profile, 6.6" length (MD2 compliant) SATA / SAS RAID SSD Cache Controller"

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What Revit Wants: Baking your own free RPC content and adding it to Revit 2013

What Revit Wants: Baking your own free RPC content and adding it to Revit 2013:

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Baking your own free RPC content and adding it to Revit
Some of the old-school Revit users may already be familiar with this process, but here it is: you want to make your own RPC, perhaps to signify an existing tree to be retained, and you would like it to show in a render.

These are actually very useful in Realistic views too, because (as you probably already know) Revit shows the RPC image when a view is set to Realistic.

In simple terms:
Use the free RPC Creator utility, a photo of the tree, and an image mask (a black and white image created in Photoshop or a similar tool, where white is the part of the image to be rendered)
After you have created the RPC file, you need to put it into the appropriate location, probably:
somepath\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Materials\2013\assetlibrary_base.fbm\RPCs
Restart Revit
Your RPC will now be available in the RPC library, and accessible…