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Interactive mind maps on web sites - Mindmappers' Forum    

Excellent post on different mind mapper software

Interactive mind maps on web sites - Mindmappers' Forum    :

vicforum Arjen ter Hoeve, noted blogger and mind map expert of and, emailed me recently and asked about interactive mindmaps on websites.  He wrote: 
"I have a question. On the website, I would like to show some 'interactive' mindmaps, like those with the mindmanager viewer. What is the best solution to do this you think? I prefer to use a free solution. I know that there is a freemind tool for websites. Still, your expert opinion is what can help me find the best solution."
Frankly, though I know some solutions, I don't know the best solution, or even one that I regard as good enough. And yet this is something that many people want to do, so I thought I'd start a topic here and see if we can get a comprehensive list for future reference.
Here are the ones I know about: 1. FreeMind Arjen mentioned the 
Ping script launches and runs for termination time based on  HoursToRun. Arguments passed to script are "web.serv.address.local" or "" style addresses. For each address passed as arguments it will watch stdout of dropouts and record the amount of time it was down.

Any suggestions to improve this are welcome. If you improve it please post back here so everyone benefits : )
OptionExplicit Const HoursToRun=24''Script will terminate itself in x hours- if set to -1 script will not terminate until manually stopped
Const ForReading =1''Open a file for reading only. You can't write to this file. Const ForAppending =8''Open a file and write to the end of the file. Const TristateUseDefault =2''Opens the file using the system default. Const TristateTrue =1''Opens the file 'as Unicode. Const TristateFalse =0''Opens the file 'as ASCII.
Const strSep ="|"''string separator - could be vbtab
Const dty =1&…