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The jump in Autodesk profits

Linkein deep state, "blind as a bot" Blind as a bot... You either get it or you are blind or a bot or have special wealth interests. Trump is trying to spread the wealth by cutting taxes on corporations that closed it's American doors to operate overseas in tax shelters... Really? I agree with the national movement to bring industrialization back to the US, but the austerity and speed of these tariffs is happing to fast hitting out industry, Farmers and so much more. No more exemptions, no more exceptions, open books on everyone and financing made public knowledge. Limit salaries to a corporation limited to 500m to 1b each, and salaries limited to 40% of a non exempt mean calculation. No tricky math. Rule of law, like refusing to see and revuew appointees by Obama's to the Supreme Court? Kudos to the Republicans for outmanuvering the Democrats, but if everyone is privatized like roads, water, infrastructure... Only the oligarchy will survive until the American people wake up then t…

SAGE 5D Cost estimating with Revit

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Sage Construction and Real Estate’s…

Excel select columns numerically in VBA

I used a variant of this to select columns for sorting:
   lastcol = ws.Cells(1, ws.Columns.Count).End(xlToLeft).Column
   ws.Columns(1).Resize(, lastcol).Select

Thank you Mr. Jon Acampora !:
Sub Column_Number_References() 'This macro contains VBA examples of how to'reference or select a column by numbers instead of lettersDim lCol AsLong'The standard way to reference columns by letters     Range("A:B").Select     Range("A:A").Select     Columns("A").Select     Columns("A:F").Select           'Select a single column with Columns property'The following line selects column B (column 2) Columns(2).Select           'Select columns based on a variable     lCol = 2     Columns(lCol).Select           'Select columns based on variable of a cell's value'Cell A1 must contain a valid column number.     lCol = Range("A1&…

Revit Dynamo Tricks shared by Jacob Small at autodesk

Jacob Small at Autodesk shares some hashtag#dynamo tricks with me to expose hashtag#parameters and hashtag#methods of elements in lists using a code block in Dynamo with some of the following tricks:

Python transpose list (From Stack Excchange)

From ##Transpose to new list new_list=[] old_list=(item1,item2,item3,item4) new_list=map(list, zip(*old_list)) ##List is the FUNCTION that creates the list. ##Transposed list in new_list

View .log or other file types in the preview window. RegEdit> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > Classes Found .log Added a new String Value with Value Name PerceivedType and Value Data text. Started working straight away. shareimprove this answer edited Aug 6 '17 at 14:25 ba_ul 1033 answered Sep 19 '13 at 9:59 user255627 17112

What is Dark Fibre?

The stock equivalent to borrowing against margins or short selling.... The traditional meaning of Dark Fibre refers to unused or ‘dark’ network infrastructure that is a mixture of cabling, switches and repeaters. Data is transported over optical fibre networks by passing light through the cables. If there is no data being transported, there is no light – this means that the fibre is ‘dark’. Dark Fibre is essentially optical fibre infrastructure that is not in use. When fibre optic cables are laid down, many companies will, in order to future-proof their networks from exponential data growth, overestimate the amount of infrastructure and cabling required. This overestimation coupled with technical advances in the way in which data is packaged means that many optical fibre networks have extra capacity that is not being used. As a result, Dark Fibre networks have developed to take advantage of this extra capacity. The term ‘Dark Fibre’ has now evolved to encomp…

Revit Disseminator for OOTB Content to geographic folders

Revit Disseminator
@ECHO off rem ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: REM DISSEMINATES REVIT OOTB DRAG AND DROPPED FOLDER TO CLIENT-SPECIFIC NAMED FOLDERS REM file-folder path for drag and drop REM ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: REM DESTINATION PATH and DEFAULTS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: set NewPath=L:\AUTODESK\L-REVIT set Version=2019 set Client=ootb_ REM ::: if no source prompts will help find content @set source=%~1 REM SET Fopt TO ALL BY DEFAULT set Fopt= /e *.* 
rem ======================================================= call :GetPrefixData : CLS REM prefix subroutine
REM ROBOCOPY PREFS DO NOT SPECIFY FILE *.* ! set RoboPrefs= /TEE /NJH /NFL /NDL /NC /Z /DCOPY:T /MT:8 /XO /IT /XJ /FFT /DST /XJD /XJF /R:0 /W:0 /REG /TBD /LOG+:%newpath%\RVT_%version%_SPLIT.txt rem ===set values========================================= @ECHO ================================================= @ECHO =USImperial, USMetric, CANMetr…

Web point cloud viewers

point cloud software pointerra, college web and jet stream

Excel CSI Keynote editor

Attribute VB_Name = "SaveAsTextRevitKeynotes" Function KeyFormatOK(Key As String, Optional NotStrict As Boolean) As Boolean Dim Re As RegExp Set Re = VBA.CreateObject("VBScript.RegExp") With Re If NotStrict Then .Pattern = "^(\d{2,5}[\-_\s]){0,1}((?:\d{2}[\-_\s\.]{0,1}){1,3}(?:\d{1,}){0,}){0,1}(.+)$" Else .Pattern = "^((?:\d{2}[\s]\d{2}[\s]\d{2}))(.+)$" ''Matches 00 00 00 * End If .IgnoreCase = True .MultiLine = True .Global = False End With Set Match = Re.Execute(Key) KeyFormatOK = Re.Test(Key) End Function ''reset revaliadtion in theis notebook and refresh pivot Sub ResetRevalidate() Dim NotesLastrow As Integer ''last row of notes Dim HeaderListAddr As String ''last used row NotesLastrow = SHTKeynotes.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).row ''refresh headers With SHTHdrPivot.Pivot…

Disburse REVIT OOTB(Out of the box content) into content specific packages by region(US/CAN) and units (I/M)

Exported from Notepad++@echo off rem ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: REM DISSEMINATES REVIT OOTB DRAG AND DROPPED FOLDER TO CLIENT-SPECIFIC NAMED FOLDERS REM file-folder path for drag and drop REM ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: REM DESTINATION PATH and DEFAULTS::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: set NewPath=L:\AUTODESK\L-REVIT set Version=2019 set Client=ootb_ REM ::: if no source prompts will help find content @set source=%~1if [%source%] == [] set source=C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT %version%Echo Source Data::: %source%REM SET Fopt TO ALL BY DEFAULT set Fopt= /e *.*rem ======================================================= call :GetPrefixData : CLS REM prefix subroutine REM ROBOCOPY PREFS DO NOT SPECIFY FILE *.* ! set RoboPrefs= /TEE /NJH /NFL /NDL /NC /Z /DCOPY:T /MT:8 /XO /IT /XJ /FFT /DST /XJD /XJF /R:0 /W:0 /REG /TBD /LOG+:%newpath%\RVT_%version%_SPLIT.txt rem ===set values==============================…

Cleaning up targeted ads in Google targeted ads for stuff you already bought

Just found you can go to Google chrome or Android Google and enter this: while logged into your account and edit categories out that were edited from your searches!

To find excel and open it and find a workbook and run a macro from VBS

Submain()DimobjExcel''As Object DimFOUND,FPDimobjShellDimstrPathSetobjShell=CreateObject("Wscript.Shell")FP=objShell.SpecialFolders.Item("MyDocuments")&"\TimeLogs\"''get MyDocuments folder & TimeLogs ''msgbox fp ''Debug FP SetobjExcel=GetObject("S:\Users\ron.Allen\Documents\TimeLogs\CURRENT.xlsm").ApplicationIfErrThenMsgBox"Excel not open- opening"SetobjExcel=CreateObject("Excel.Application")'Create excel object ElseForEachobjWorkbookInobjExcel.WorkbooksIfLCase(objWorkbook.Name)=LCase("CURRENT.XLSM")Then''MsgBox objWorkbook.Name ''objExcel.Application.WindowState = -4143 objWorkbook.Activate'Activate it FOUND=TrueExitForEndIfNext''objWorkbook EndIf'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''Open the file if excel was o…

New revit snooper for 2019 available!

New revit tools available!

Lubuntu 14.x RDP and accessing the home desktop aka Desktop:0

Installed tight VNC using this as a guide here:


The piece I had been missing was the port. in a multi user environment the port also connects to the desktop. Desktop 0 (zero) is the default desktop. so I set my INI file accordingly to ask5900 so it will ask but prepopulate with the desktop zero which passes on port 5900.

RealVNC setup1. Uninstallation of the default Ubuntu VNC server (Vino): Go to: System --> Administration --> Synaptic Package Manager Search for the "Vino" package, Mark For Removal, Apply. 2. Installation of TightVNC and XRDP: While you are using Synaptic Package Manager, seacrh for "tightvnc" package (be careful, not "xtightvnc") and Mark For Installation. Likewise, search for the "xrdp" package and Mark also For Installation. Apply. PS: if you want, you may discard any other "vnc" package that you don't need! 3. Configuration of XRDP (Optional) Open a terminal …

Introducing Sourcelist: Promoting diversity in technology policy

Introducing Sourcelist: Promoting diversity in technology policy:

It is a good idea- I have a similar idea for a national database of all folks and their job histories, *proven capabilities*, recommendations, etc. A database not just for women but to hire people on *availability*, *capability* and *merit* regardless of any other label.

Justice is supposed to be blind- Why shouldn't hiring be based solely on capability with no other available data? Human beings will likely have one bias or another- until those are weeded out, there must be a system to provide equity.

These next words are painful; and I *do* believe in the idea of affirmative action- however, the current method and application of Affirmative has very mixed results. Forcing the break down of the walls of segregation and bigotry, discrimination and racism, etc. is itself a forced discrimination which I have seen many take advantage of to creating mediocrity through entitlement. There are those skating through on the…

Forge collaboration for fm

SPINALCOM, using Forge technology, is addressing EDF's challenge by providing the FM team with a BMS Supervisor (control center) that contextualizes the data in their BIM model and intelligently filters alarms to save time on each alert, regardless of the silo it comes from.

importre##Import for re or Regular Expressions###INPUTS (Two Inputs- 0 and 1- ad inputs to python node to correspond with th [+] button)StrList=IN[0]##Simple list of items to matchregexExp=IN[1]##Regexp string to match ##see "Regular expressions in dynamo" and ## for regular expressions 101 testing##OUTPUTOutlist=[]##Outlist TRUE if match is find for each item in list###Initialize RegexpRegex=re.compile(regexExp,re.IGNORECASE)###The actual RegExp compare for each item in the listforiteminStrList:## For each item in the list run a match Outlist.append(Regex.match(item)isnotNone)##If match is not NONE then it is a match (true) - else (false)- append that to the list for each itemOUT=Outlist##Set output to results