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For review

For review

For review
Using a most excellent tool from (den4b called Renamer) -  pascal for determining either younger created date or modified and use that for the date time stamp.

  DateTime: TDateTime;

  (*Sometimes saveas created a modified date which is younger than the Created date, use the youngest of the two*)
  if FileTimeCreated(FilePath) < FileTimeModified(FilePath) then
      DateTime := FileTimeCreated(FilePath)
      DateTime := FileTimeModified(FilePath);

  (*SET THE FILENAME YYYY-MM-DD_HHMMa/p Plus the original filename*)
  FileName :=  FormatDateTime('yyyy-mm-dd_hhmm', DateTime) + FormatDateTime('a/p', DateTime)+ '-' + WideExtractBaseName(FileName) + WideExtractFileExt(FileName);

Working with 2014-06-14-1506p here is a helpful Regexp to reorder it

Using a most excellent tool from (den4b called Renamer) - one of the few tools I happily purchased and want to promote it!

The regular expression to rearrange the date (helpful for date-stamping files) is:


then it can be easily reordered:

For those of you unfamiliar with REGEX or ReGularEXpressions- it breaks down like this:

(.*)  =  $1will match zero or more of any charactersBy enclosing it in parenthesis () it becomes a sub expression. Since it is the first subexpression it can be referenced to be reordered with $1 in Renamer.(   =  left parenthesis start of the second expression  $2  for the year-month-dayleft parenthesis is the the start of the next expression to Capture. If the parenthesis weren't there the characters would match and be lost[0-9]{4}…

More ARCH language : ) Sagitta definition, the height, width, radius of an arc - Math Open Reference