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Silently re-connect to already mapped network drive?

When users connect through VPN we want to map their remote connections to as many local folders as possible.

To do this TASK SCHEDULER can monitor the VPN to see if a connection was made and fire off a script accordingly. The script can then map the corresponding drives to the local folders...

Silently re-connect to already mapped network drive?:

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Engineering Document Management and Document Control Solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint

Cadac Organize content management, filtering and organization VIA sharepoint. Can be private hybrid or hosted offsite.
Engineering Document Management and Document Control Solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint:

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Revit area plans adding new types and references (Gross and rentable)

Note to self:
Add additional (duplicate) gross area and net area schemed under Area Plans

And Area schemes... Really counter-intuitive place to put this instead of say...  Area Plans> New Type> Edit Type (ADD) or Create an area plan, then Go to Properties, Edit Type and Duplicate...

Always seem to forget this one!

2015-10-16-And for the calculation type...
To update: this also applies to Revit as well as LT-

The gross calculations cannot be overridden, however the 'rentable' comes in various flavors... From AD Revit help:

Applies to Revit LT 2015

Rules are determined by one type of space bordering another space.
The following table shows area measurement rules. To find the appropriate measurement rule, find the selected Area Type and the corresponding Bordering Area Type. Gross Building Area Scheme TypesGross Building Area Scheme TypesArea Type SelectedBordering Area TypeMeasurement RuleGross Building AreaGross Building AreaNoneArea Boundary measured to the outside surface…

New Cloud to Mesh Tool- Amazing!- Autodesk Labs Project Memento

Revit Central files to Local Files without a revit server

Right Click to create LOCAL files from CENTRAL files (not Revit Server) The Issue: Revit Central Files require users to create local files. Normally if you open a central file it asks if you want to create a local copy, but it doesn't replace *CENTRAL* with *LOCAL*.

First I started with a VBS that you can add to the right-click send to. This works pretty well, but I want better for my users and myself so I did a little research into registry and shell addins. Come to find out it isn't that difficult of a trick to manage.

The Solution: I got the idea from Stack-Overflow:  Add menu item to windows context menu only for specific filetype
and A script I created and have been modifying for years...
Always back up your registry prior to any registry additions!
This is a registry entry
in the (Default) Of the Command Of the Localize Central subkey...
WScript.exe  "\\YOUR_SERVER_AD_HERE.local]\_SCRIPT\Revit\REVIT_Localize.vbs" "…

Sorry for the issue- the dynamic blog wasn't working very well

I reskinned my blog and the dynamic version didn't work too well - so I have dropped back to a simple version for now.
Ever had any stubborn text styles that wouldn't delete? I did- so I went to Boost Your BIM - Scrubbing Out Dimension Styles and adapted the code there to substitute one text style for another in my first useful macro! 
Start with a sample of text with the text style you want to replace, also add a sample of text style you want to match.

On runing the macro- it prompts in the STATUS BAR (tough to see - working on that) to select a text to replace, then the ext to match. Once completed you can run a purge and Voila! those peskt text styles should be available to purge!

using System;
using System.Diagnostics;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Autodesk.Revit.DB;
using Autodesk.Revit.DB.Architecture;
using Autodesk.Revit.DB.Events;
using Autodesk.Revit.UI.Events;
using Autodesk.Revit.UI;
using Autodesk.Revit.UI.Selection;
using Autodesk.Revit.ApplicationServices;

            Document doc = this.ActiveUIDocument…

Revit and the arch top, the language of arc segments and chord math.

Archtop windows that break... Revit has issues with circles. Sometimes it is very slick in how it maintains fillets, arcs connections and tangential references, other times it flips out at some of the simplest things, and these issues are sometimes random.

The basic language, spring point, rise, radius, intrados, top, creast are for simple arches.

This in geometric language is represented in Dr. Math's pages and on this reference to Chord Math from Open  Math website.

So we need to draw an arc- then make it flex so the width varies, but the rise is the same.

Simple enough right? Until this happens...
same family - at random points flips the arc:

I cannot even begin to explain why this happens.Guessing a glitch in Revit.

I have a workaround-  or more regular results anyways- by teaching Revit Arc's and arches fundamental language:

ARCH_r  = (Width ^ 2 + 4 * H ^ 2) / (8 * H)

r          is the radius of the arc
Width  is the width of the Chord (flat part)

Add this with a l…

OCZ PCI Express (PCIe) SSD

Solid state PCI drives... Faster than SSD/SATA!
OCZ PCI Express (PCIe) SSD

don't think: Do Revit: +/- offset(s) for families

don't think: Do Revit: +/- offset(s) for families:

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Step by step solution to +/- offset values for families.

Parallel to the reference/surface point(A):
  1. Create a reference plane in the + offset direction,
  2. Call it "REF.OFFSET+"
  3. Dimension from the reference point(A) to the plane.
  4. Give the dimension a parameter "OFFSET.FRONT" (group it under 'other')
  5. Between point(A) and the reference plane, create another reference plane.
  6. call it "REF.OFFSET-"
  7. Create a dimension between the reference plan from step 1 and the one just created in step 3.
  8. Given the dimension a parameter "OFFSET.BACK" (group it under 'other')
  9. In the family properties, Create a Length parameter called "OFFSET".

  10. Next to the "OFFSET.FRONT"  under 'other' group, add the formula:
if(OFFSET > 0', OFFSET, 0')

  11. Next to the "OFFSET.BACK"  under '…

Revit section head tags- keeping the division line horizontal

The horizontal line that always remains perpendicular to the 'project north' - is hard-coded into the family- so don't delete it otherwise you will find yourself having to copy-paste all your section head text and fills back into a NEW 'section head family'.
If you want your text to align with the section line... that's another story.

Applied Software Blog: Revit 2014 NEW Feature.... WOW!

Applied Software Blog: Revit 2014 NEW Feature.... WOW!: Controlling the Selection of Elements So what is one of the new features in Revit 2014 that made me think "Wow, I didn't know I w...

Google earth, Revit and a CSV for some quick geomancy topography for Revit

USGS Web Query VIA Google earth-

I had a request by a friend to update this- I need to get my programming skills more in tune with an independent app. If you make any changes or additions please email me back. This is not for distribution and is for reference purposes only : )

If anyone uses this, please drop me a line back. If you want to change it and adapt it please send the changes and adaptations back here so we can share it back!

buildz: Louvers that know their orientation

This could be helpful... Need to research if there is a programming component to this- would be relatively easy to set a model component with a hosted tag set to align with element in the tag to keep a tru north/magnetic north pointing the correct way...

Or for that matter - look for view ports and adjust the view title accordingly...

buildz: Louvers that know their orientation: ""

Fun Xploration: Self Adjusted Panel Openings:

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Do U Revit?: Revit Server goes Desktop

Do U Revit?: Revit Server goes Desktop

A good article on setting up a 'home' version of Revit Server without windows server.

Revit On Startup (Internal macros)

For follow up looking for a way to run a command once an addin is loaded into Revit or Navis Works. It is possible through the revit macros- still searching for an API version:


January 6, 2013

Using Module_Startup to run macro code when Revit starts

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In previous posts, I have recommended staying away from this code that Revit creates in your macro file. Now I will explain a situation when we need to get into it.

private void Module_Startup(object sender, EventArgs e)


}The short summary is that code in Module_Startup runs automatically when Revit starts. It can be useful for subscribing to events, registering updaters for Dynamic Model Update, and for using the FailureDefinition.CreateFailureDefinition which is why it is relevant to this series of posts on PerformanceAdviser.

While working on a code sa…

jaw-dropping renderer: Indigo for Revit

Wonder how much CPU time it took to render?

Powerpoint 2007 - saving to *.PPTX

Ran into a hiccup in powerpoint 2007 when creating an automated import for navis works xml files- you can't save to pptx, and I didn't want the added macro stuff to go with each new file - so I dug and found this trick at

Sub TestSaveas() SaveAs "c:\somefilepath\" End sub Private Sub SaveAs(fp As String) Dim dlgSaveAs As FileDialog Dim strMyFile As String Set dlgSaveAs = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogSaveAs) With dlgSaveAs .InitialFileName = fp If .Show = -1 Then strMyFile = .SelectedItems(1) Application.ActivePresentation.SaveAs strMyFile 'MsgBox strMyFile ''-- save your file to strMyFile here Else MsgBox "File not saved" End If End With dlgSaveAs.Execute Set dlgSaveAs = Nothing End Sub
The execute is critical (and missing off microsoft's site) otherwise it throws a DLL error.