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RSMEANS Python REGEXP extractions

Attribute VB_Name ="RSUnits" OptionExplicit ''Constants for reference of unit types in RSMEANS '' Floor, concrete, slab form, open web bar joist @ 2' OC, on W beam and wall, 30'x30' bay, 29" deep, 65 PSF superimposed load, 110 PSF total load, for columns add PublicConst VBQT =""""
''these use named regexp returns based in python ''Public Const Regex_BAY+PYTHON = "(?:(?P\d{1,})((?P\'|\" & VBQT & "|ft|in))\W{0,}x\W{0,}(?P\d{1,})(?P\'|\" & VBQT & "|ft|in)\W{0,}bay)" PublicConst Regex_BAY ="(?:([\d\.]{1,})((\'|\"& VBQT &"|ft|in))\W{0,}x\W{0,}(\d{1,})(\'|\"& VBQT &"|ft|in)\W{0,}bay)" PublicConst Regex_Addon ="(?:for\W{0,}(?P\b.+\b)\W{0,}add)\W{0,}" ''Public Const Regex_SPACE+python = "(?:.+,(?P.+?)(\@\W{0,}(?P\d{1,})((?P\'|\" & VBQT & "|ft|in)\W{0,}oc)))" PublicConst…

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