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Revit section head tags- keeping the division line horizontal

The horizontal line that always remains perpendicular to the 'project north' - is hard-coded into the family- so don't delete it otherwise you will find yourself having to copy-paste all your section head text and fills back into a NEW 'section head family'.
If you want your text to align with the section line... that's another story.

Applied Software Blog: Revit 2014 NEW Feature.... WOW!

Applied Software Blog: Revit 2014 NEW Feature.... WOW!: Controlling the Selection of Elements So what is one of the new features in Revit 2014 that made me think "Wow, I didn't know I w...

Google earth, Revit and a CSV for some quick geomancy topography for Revit

USGS Web Query VIA Google earth-

I had a request by a friend to update this- I need to get my programming skills more in tune with an independent app. If you make any changes or additions please email me back. This is not for distribution and is for reference purposes only : )

If anyone uses this, please drop me a line back. If you want to change it and adapt it please send the changes and adaptations back here so we can share it back!

buildz: Louvers that know their orientation

This could be helpful... Need to research if there is a programming component to this- would be relatively easy to set a model component with a hosted tag set to align with element in the tag to keep a tru north/magnetic north pointing the correct way...

Or for that matter - look for view ports and adjust the view title accordingly...

buildz: Louvers that know their orientation: ""

Fun Xploration: Self Adjusted Panel Openings:

'via Blog this'

Do U Revit?: Revit Server goes Desktop

Do U Revit?: Revit Server goes Desktop

A good article on setting up a 'home' version of Revit Server without windows server.