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2013 Revit Server : Warping Constant


2013 Revit: Warping Constant: Troubleshooting Information Required

source : Autodesk Technical Support


Revit 2013 message Warping Constant keeps popping up preventing the opening of a central file

excerpt from Autodesk Technical Support:

The error

Actually means “file not found”. The reason it displays improperly is a conflict between Revit and Windows. The most common cause for that error is that during the time period that the first Revit session creates the model on the server, but does not finish upload data yet, a second session of Revit tries to access it. Even though the user can see the file, it is not complete and should trigger a “File not found” error.

I have some questions that will help me troubleshoot this issue:

Does their server have DFS?

Are all machines accessing the central file the same way (same mapped driver letter vs. UNC)?

Does this happen in all files?

What operating …