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OK google, translate between machines and platforms for coding!

One of those things I have become concerned with is all The varieties of programming languages that have sprung up over the past 10 years or so.We need legal access to decompilers to translate code... Machine language is optimized at compile so it doesn't matter if it is or, but for other languages, it is tricky... Especially languages that run on top of platforms running on an OS(Dynamo on Revit on Windows etc)... But with the cloud, compile language is becoming irrelevant; interfaces may End up being all that matter; the user experience remains the only thing that matters. The programming language could be something called 'BABEL', but is largely irrelevant.But independent platforms limit the broad access to those who study common languages like C and VB unless there is a secondary bulletproof decompiler and interpreter.Google needs a program translator for ALL code like spoken languages... With the codification and variables parameters stored in the tail e…