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Setting Your Project up for Success Using Lean, BIM and IPD

Harvesting All Email Addresses From an Outlook Mailbox | TechnicLee

MS Outlook 2010 - save people I reply to automatically in an Outlook Address Book

Supposedly this button will auto-add everyone I reply to in an outlook "Suggested Contacts" folder.  Not sure why it was off or if group policy disabled it.


Table Format V2.0

Option Explicit
Sub Table_Format_bottom_right()    Dim objTable As Table    Dim I As Integer    Set objTable = Selection.Tables(1)    With objTable        ''format colors        For I = objTable.Columns.Count To 1 Step -1            ''Shading            ShadeMod .Columns(I), I            ShadeMod .Rows(I), I            ''borders            BDR_NONE objTable.Columns(I).Borders(wdBorderHorizontal)
            BDR_NONE objTable.Rows(I).Borders(wdBorderVertical)
            BDR_Single objTable.Columns(I).Borders(wdBorderLeft)
            BDR_Single objTable.Rows(I).Borders(wdBorderTop)
        Next I
        I = objTable.Rows.Count        'objTable.Columns(I).Borders(wdBorderVertical).LineStyle = wdLineStyleDashSmallGap        BDR_Dash objTable.Rows(objTable.Rows.Count).Borders(wdBorderVertical)        BDR_Double objTable.Rows(objTable.Rows.Count).Borders(wdBorderTop)        BDR_Thin objTable.Columns(objTable.Columns.Count).Borders(wdBorderLeft)     …

Curtain Wall documentation automation with Dynamo - YouTube

Big Data: Beware of the Digital Diogenes Syndrome - Atos SC

Isovist analysis in Dynamo Studio - Through the Interface

Fiel Sharing & Locking - CLOUD systems- Gartner Newsletter: Managing File Data Growth with Cloud NAS | Nasuni

Outlook add headers and tags for project IDs

Sub AddHeader(m As Outlook.MailItem, strProjectNumber AsString) 'Dim m As Outlook.MailItem Dim pa As Outlook.PropertyAccessor Dim myOlFormat AsInteger     myOlFormat = m.BodyFormat     m.BodyFormat = olFormatUnspecified 'Set m = Application.CreateItem(olMailItem) 'm.Body = m.Subject Set pa = m.PropertyAccessor     pa.SetProperty "{00020386-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}/X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AECOM-Project", strProjectNumber SelectCase myOlFormat Case olFormatHTML             m.HTMLBody = m.HTMLBody & vbCr &"[X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AECOM-Project:"& strProjectNumber &"]"             m.HTMLBody = m.HTMLBody & vbCr &" [X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AECOM-Project:" & strProjectNumber &"] "Case olFormatPlain, olFormatRichText, olFormatUnspecified             m.Body = m.Body & vbCr &"[X-MS-Exchange-Organization-AECOM-Project:"& strProjectNumber &am…

Revit Split and reorganize content for implementation in Library content by revit version.

''outline version of VBS from CMS file below
''Takes default Revit library and splits it into metric, Imperial and reorganizes IES files and similar to more logical locations. OptionExplicit ''''''''''''''''' ''Dim Wscript As New objWSCRIPT_Emulator ''main ''''''''''''''''' Const VBQT ="""" Sub main()
''take path from drag and drop ''  e.g. ObjArgs(=) should be C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RVT 2015 ''  Set it as the source path '' Dim ObjArgs Dim i ''for drag-n-drop Set ObjArgs = Wscript.Arguments '' For i =0To ObjArgs.count -1''        Wscript.Echo ObjArgs(i)'' Next EndSub
Sub SplitRevitLibrary() ''use src path ''determine if the target folders are where they should be EndSub
Sub Xcopy(strSource As