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Callouts that overlap break lines

CALLOUTS OVER BREAKLINES IN Revit 2010When making callouts- the cannot overlap Match lines without overhanging the view. There are some caseswhere the callouts cannot be broken into smaller separate individual callouts. One work around is to utilize SIM callouts to act as partial references to the callout.One major drawback- the cropped region does not relate to the limits of the callout. It would be better to make smaller independent callouts if possible to break up the spaces.These callouts overlap the boundary and can cause print issues:
The workaround should only be used if smaller separate callout regions cannot be used.1. Create a floor plan of the area, a. Rename the view to match view naming standardsb. Select the elements you want to focus on and use the sunglasses to isolate the elementsc. Associate the correct view template2. Turn the Crop Regions on and size them around the elements to crop out unwanted annotations or view information4. In each overlappin…

List of AutoDesk products supported on Windows 7 (32 bit AND 64 bit?)


With the TurnTool software you can make 3D models available for everyone
online on the internet or offline from CDROM, USB or from your computer

Google SketchUp to Unreal Editor Help - Epic Games Forums

Sketchup into Unreal....You have 2 options when doing this

1. Buy the Pro edition (which is about $500 i dunno), that has the export on it already
2. Get HT3DUT3. Its a plugin which i use that can convert skp straight into 1 mesh of t3d or even a whole world of t3d. Its great.


UDN - Two - CADtoUnreal

Download details: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express (x64 bit!)