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Outlook - setting billing information

OK - this very basic routine sets billing information fields of all selected messages... If the BillInfo variable to a form that pulls the local user's project's lists and lookups up the senders project list and compares, shazam! you can start auto-tagging potential emails with project/billing information. _____________________________________________SubSet_ACTIVE_MESSAGES_BillingInformation() Dim objsel As Selection Dim i AsInteger BillInfo = UCase(InputBox("", "Enter default billing INFO", "00000.000")) Set objsel = Outlook.ActiveExplorer.Selection OnErrorResumeNextFor i =1To objsel.Count SetObject= objsel.Item(i) SelectCaseObject.Class Case olReport, olMail, olContact ''these all behave the same wayObject.BillingInformation = BillInfo Object.Save ''case ol other outlook items....EndSelectSetObject=NothingNext i EndSub

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DFSR Backlog Checker - via WMI (Thnx - added IE to make interface cleaner.

strComputer ="localhost" bConnectForeign =False''' objIE, objShell, k, strIETitle, blnFlag ' Set IE display box title. Dashes ("-") are to move the Microsoft title' appended to the title we specify out of view.' blnFlag is set to False when the user closes the IE display box. strIETitle ="Backlog"&String(40, "-") blnFlag =TrueSet objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") dim StrMsg call Main subMain() ' Initialize display box with initial message InitIE "Program Initializing"Set oWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\"& strComputer &"\root\MicrosoftDFS") Set colRGroups = oWMIService.ExecQuery("SELECT * FROM DfsrReplicationGroupConfig") ForEach oGroup in colRGroups AddMsg( "Replication Group: "& oGroup.ReplicationGroupName) Set colRGFolders = oWMIService.…

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Nemetschek Acquires Bluebeam Software - D'ough Autodesk!
Nemetschek Acquires Bluebeam Software Firms Combine Their Efforts to Make Project Collaboration Accessible to Everyone

Nemetschek owns Archicad and all plan... Wishful thinking auto desk would but BlueBeam from Nemetschek .. I hope they will continue to provide the same great non-platform specific support they always have - only time will tell.

Bluebeam's award-winning PDF solutions are used by the world’s top architectural, engineering and construction firms, oil and gas companies, manufacturers, government agencies and municipalities to reduce paper usage by more than 85% and to increase productivity by over 60%.

Nemetschek AG: Home
Nemetschek AG includes detailed information about the company: company history, Investor Relations, press material, corporate brands, business units and much more."

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