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Powerpoint 2007 - saving to *.PPTX

Ran into a hiccup in powerpoint 2007 when creating an automated import for navis works xml files- you can't save to pptx, and I didn't want the added macro stuff to go with each new file - so I dug and found this trick at

Sub TestSaveas() SaveAs "c:\somefilepath\" End sub Private Sub SaveAs(fp As String) Dim dlgSaveAs As FileDialog Dim strMyFile As String Set dlgSaveAs = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogSaveAs) With dlgSaveAs .InitialFileName = fp If .Show = -1 Then strMyFile = .SelectedItems(1) Application.ActivePresentation.SaveAs strMyFile 'MsgBox strMyFile ''-- save your file to strMyFile here Else MsgBox "File not saved" End If End With dlgSaveAs.Execute Set dlgSaveAs = Nothing End Sub
The execute is critical (and missing off microsoft's site) otherwise it throws a DLL error.