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Engineering Document Management and Document Control Solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint

Cadac Organize content management, filtering and organization VIA sharepoint. Can be private hybrid or hosted offsite.
Engineering Document Management and Document Control Solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint:

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Revit area plans adding new types and references (Gross and rentable)

Note to self:
Add additional (duplicate) gross area and net area schemed under Area Plans

And Area schemes... Really counter-intuitive place to put this instead of say...  Area Plans> New Type> Edit Type (ADD) or Create an area plan, then Go to Properties, Edit Type and Duplicate...

Always seem to forget this one!

2015-10-16-And for the calculation type...
To update: this also applies to Revit as well as LT-

The gross calculations cannot be overridden, however the 'rentable' comes in various flavors... From AD Revit help:

Applies to Revit LT 2015

Rules are determined by one type of space bordering another space.
The following table shows area measurement rules. To find the appropriate measurement rule, find the selected Area Type and the corresponding Bordering Area Type. Gross Building Area Scheme TypesGross Building Area Scheme TypesArea Type SelectedBordering Area TypeMeasurement RuleGross Building AreaGross Building AreaNoneArea Boundary measured to the outside surface…

New Cloud to Mesh Tool- Amazing!- Autodesk Labs Project Memento

Revit Central files to Local Files without a revit server

Right Click to create LOCAL files from CENTRAL files (not Revit Server) The Issue: Revit Central Files require users to create local files. Normally if you open a central file it asks if you want to create a local copy, but it doesn't replace *CENTRAL* with *LOCAL*.

First I started with a VBS that you can add to the right-click send to. This works pretty well, but I want better for my users and myself so I did a little research into registry and shell addins. Come to find out it isn't that difficult of a trick to manage.

The Solution: I got the idea from Stack-Overflow:  Add menu item to windows context menu only for specific filetype
and A script I created and have been modifying for years...
Always back up your registry prior to any registry additions!
This is a registry entry
in the (Default) Of the Command Of the Localize Central subkey...
WScript.exe  "\\YOUR_SERVER_AD_HERE.local]\_SCRIPT\Revit\REVIT_Localize.vbs" "…