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Revit On Startup (Internal macros)

For follow up looking for a way to run a command once an addin is loaded into Revit or Navis Works. It is possible through the revit macros- still searching for an API version:


January 6, 2013

Using Module_Startup to run macro code when Revit starts

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In previous posts, I have recommended staying away from this code that Revit creates in your macro file. Now I will explain a situation when we need to get into it.

private void Module_Startup(object sender, EventArgs e)


}The short summary is that code in Module_Startup runs automatically when Revit starts. It can be useful for subscribing to events, registering updaters for Dynamic Model Update, and for using the FailureDefinition.CreateFailureDefinition which is why it is relevant to this series of posts on PerformanceAdviser.

While working on a code sa…

jaw-dropping renderer: Indigo for Revit

Wonder how much CPU time it took to render?