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Ding dong the DWF is dead... and playing DWF is likely going to lead to some fire drills when we begin to see issues... Bluebeam Anyone?!!

Is Design Review discontinued? - Page 4 - Autodesk Community: "Re: Is Design Review discontinued?
09-19-2013 05:25 AM in reply to: O.Maille
Thank you for the question. I am not here to delude anyone. If you want an electronic review process, given the current state of Autodesk 360, Autodesk Design Review is still the way to go. But the original question was is Design Review being discontinued, and the answer is yes, it will eventually be replaced by Autodesk 360. Until that time, the 2013 version is available for download from the Autodesk site and works with the 2014 product line since the DWF format did not change.

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So the long answer backed up on multiple sites now from a conversation with a co-worker:

...what is bloating the PDF?  (Hint it is the DWF to PDF translation)

From Autodesk's lack of action over the past few years and now they are
abandoning further development of …

Convert Deltek Report (CSV, TXT) to folder structure based on indexing of NCS4.0

This code takes a CSV formatted report from Deltek and looks for key variables in the report header to create a folder structure. In lieu of long folder names it creates numbers and descriptive shortcuts to the folders. VBS Code below:

OptionExplicitConst version ="v2014-09-03-01.0" ''Script takes a csv text based output report from Deltek and uses it to create folder structure on P. Const strFPt ="P:\"''Target File PathDim FP Const vbqt =""""''define VBQt for quotation mark
''Lots of globals on this one: Public strDataArr               ''Readline of data from file Public strDiscID                ''discipline ID Const RemapE =True''Remap E will create the S/SZ folders if E is in the disciplines . Const ForReading =1, ForWriting =2, ForAppending =8'' '''Deltek Variables stores index of variables based on Dim kCliBillName                '', "Billing Client Name", -1 …