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Oracle® Primavera Online Program | Udemy

Oracle® Primavera Online Program | Udemy:

$20 for lifetime access this this 4.5 hour course

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REVIT OmniClass, Keynote and Assembly Code type parameters | Modelical Blog

Organization and management of data in Revit across omniclass, Masterformat, Uniclass, and Uniformat

The organization and management of data and connectivity to other platforms for cost estimation, categorization, scheduling/phasing, model verification, a360 integration must utilize and integrate multiple points of information to be effective. I believe this would integrate well with the playbook concept.
We discussed UNIFORMAT vs CSI MASTERFORMAT- but there larger picture must consider an a means of integration; I believe this management will require a database (ACCESS or SQL)  or possibly A360 PLAN.
OMNICLASS(Largely ISO Compliant)as an overarching format and documentation organization which manages or contains CSI MASTERFORMAT which we should use for component, classification and specification management which then links into the 'containers' of the UNIFORMAT for order and assembly of construction. None of these systems stand alone for a complete approach to managing and organizing our data.
All this should be intermingled using a database to specify LOD, Milestones, assem…

Imagining training for Revit, Bentley, Bim360

For those of you asking about training: Imaginit has some decent courses worth looking into. They are a bit pricey and not reimbursable without prior authorization (In which case likely tax deductible).
BENTLEY Services:
Overview BIM 360 FIELD BI WEEKLY Training: 360:

BIM 360 BIM Level 2: REVU:

Lighting in Revit using ElumTools | Tips, Tricks and Handy How-To's

All Things Lighting | Relevance in Illumination Engineering

Lighting calculations and measurements and validation by 3rd party sources (AGI)

All Things Lighting | Relevance in Illumination Engineering:

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CIE 171:2006 – ErrataPosted on July 5, 2016 Getting It RightIan Ashdown, P. Eng., FIESSenior Scientist, Lighting Analysts Inc.[Please send all comments to] UPDATE 16/07/08 – Added Optis SPEOS to list of validated (not “certified”) software products and Test Case 5.11 analysis. In 2006, the Commission International de l’Eclairage (CIE) published CIE 171:2006, Test Cases to Assess the Accuracy of Lighting Computer Programs. To quote from the summary: The objective of this report is to help lighting program users and developers assess the accuracy of lighting computer programs and to identify their weaknesses. A validation approach is therefore presented based on the concept of separately testing the different aspects of light propagation. To apply this approach, a suite of test cases has been designed …