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This is much like what I want to do for my PHD- I sent a letter to these guys they are tracking the active interior aspects of the building whereas I am interested in the exterior and building envelope...
I have been thinking about embedded sensors in materials as part of a thesis should I dare attempt to venture back to college.Where are you guys located?My family and I am relocating to Denver, CO next month in the hopes of finding good VDC/BIM/Revit work. I am very interested in this process of data gathering and integrating it into systems- particularly in the sensors and data collection.I was thinking that a sensor powered by a capacitor or wireless energy source that was similar to RFID but with temperature/humidity/location/flexure for inside walls to help determine areas of thermal/moisture transmittance, leakage, etc… These sensors would be about the size of a quarter or dime and powered wirelessly. More complex systems could sen…