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Android: GPS positioning and location strategies

Nifty "Cube" sensors monitor basic aspects of indoor air quality and noise

Fundamental equations for perspective

Redpin - IOpen source wifi triangulation

Mobile Site Previewer for werehauser

Arduino Mega 2560 R3 (Atmega2560 - assembled) [Mega!] ID: 191 - $45.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits


360 Degree Laser Scanner Development Kit (RPLIDAR)


RPLIDAR now supports ROS and Arduino!

Image | Powering the world's robots

Pozyx - centimeter positioning for arduino


location tracking | Hackaday

New Part Day: Indoor Location Systems | Hackaday


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planning building control today now, an article on the housing shortage in the UK, and the upcoming BIM level implementation in n the UK.

Eric Wing's structural family training on

Augmented reality tools SDK changes

Selecting a Range of Cells Relative to the Current Cell (Microsoft Excel)

Selecting a Range of Cells Relative to the Current Cell (Microsoft Excel)

Range(Cells(Selection.Row, 1), Cells(Selection.Row, 3)).Select

Preventing Problems With Worksheet Renaming

Preventing Problems With Worksheet Renaming

ThisWorkbook.VBProject.VBComponents("Sheet1").Name = "SummarySheet"

Renames the object value of the worksheet. Comes in handy and streamlines the code.

I suspect VBA needs programmatic access to teh project model which can be solved here:


''For any Automation client to be able to access the VBA object model programmatically, the user running the code must explicitly

''grant access. To turn on access, the user must follow these steps.


''Office 2003 and Office XP

''Open the Office 2003 or Office XP application in question. On the Tools menu, click Macro, and

''then click Security to open the Macro Security dialog box.


''On the Trusted Sources tab, click to select the Trust access to Visual Basic Project check box to turn on access.

''Click OK to apply the setting. You may need to restart the application for the code to run properly if you …

Folder Maker and shortcut creater AND REcurse Checker


Option Explicit Private fso AsNew FileSystemObject Dim RecurseCheck AsNew recurselimit Dim WSH As WshShell PublicSubCreateFolderStructure() Set WSH = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") ''WshShell''Set lnk = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") ''As WshShortcut RecurseCreateFolders "00-ROOT"''entry point iis to pass name of root sheet to recursive process''Set lnk = NothingSet WSH = Nothing MsgBox "DONE"EndSubPrivateSubRecurseCreateFolders(ByVal strWSSub AsString, OptionalByVal strFPpfix AsString) '', Optional FN As String, Optional XCUT As String)Dim lastrow AsIntegerDim I Dim strFP AsStringIf strWSSub <> "00-ROOT"And RecurseCheck.LimitReached(strWSSub) ThenExitSubIf strFPpfix > ""ThenIf Right(strFPpfix, 1) <> "\"Then strFP = strFPpfix & "\"EndIfEndIfIfNot WorksheetExists(strWSSub) ThenExitSub'&#…

Software Inventory Excel VBA

Option Explicit ''original source from'''''updated by Ron E. AllenPrivate sFileName AsStringPrivate StrComputer AsStringPrivateConst MAX_COMPUTERNAME_LENGTH AsLong = 31PrivateDeclare PtrSafe Function GetComputerName Lib"kernel32" _ Alias"GetComputerNameA" (ByVal lpBuffer AsString, nSize AsLong) AsLongPublic sCompName AsStringPublic strDomain AsStringSub GetInstalledSoftware() 'Dim sTitle As StringDim s AsStringDim wsh AsNew WshShell 'sTitle = "You are about to retrieve the software installed on your computer."'MsgBox sTitle StrComputer = GetCompName If StrComputer = vbNullString ThenExitSub StrComputer = Trim(StrComputer) If StrComputer = ""Then StrComputer = "." sCompName = GetProbedID(StrComputer) If Len(sCompName) > 0Then …

Acoustics Modeling | ANSYS e-Learning | CAE Associates - YouTube

Acoustic sound simulation in Revit: Enscape™ Tutorial - YouTube

Looks interesting for rough acoustic evaluation in Revit...

Acoustic sound simulation in Revit: Enscape™ Tutorial - YouTube

Swatch ng for strong joins for a bed.

Project soane
Work Breakout table formatter
Option Explicit
Sub Table_Format_bottom_right()     Dim objTable As Table     Dim I As Integer     Set objTable = Selection.Tables(1)     With objTable         ''Padding to 0         .TopPadding = InchesToPoints(0)         .BottomPadding = InchesToPoints(0)         .LeftPadding = InchesToPoints(0.001)         .RightPadding = InchesToPoints(0)         ''Format colors         For I = objTable.Columns.Count To 1 Step -1             ''Shading             ShadeMod .Columns(I), I             ShadeMod .Rows(I), I             ''borders             BDR_NONE objTable.Columns(I).Borders(wdBorderHorizontal)
            BDR_NONE objTable.Rows(I).Borders(wdBorderVertical)
            BDR_Single objTable.Columns(I).Borders(wdBorderLeft)
            BDR_Single objTable.Rows(I).Borders(wdBorderTop)
        Next I         For I = 1 To objTable.Columns.Count - 1             objTable.Columns(I).AutoFit         Next I
        I = objTable.Rows.…