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Charles River Software
0.1 1999 11 (Early Adopter 1)
0.2 2000 01 (Early Adopter 2)

Revit Technology Corporation
1.0 2000 04
2.0 2000 08
2.1 2000 10
3.0 2001 02
3.1 2001 06
4.0 2001 11
4.1 2002 01


Autodesk Revit
*.* 2002 04 04 (Autodesk buys Revit Technology Corp)
4.5 2002 05 09
5.0 2002 12 17
*.* 2003 04 28 (Zoogdesign Revit Forum goes Live)
5.1 2003 05
5.5 2003 04 01 (pseudo mac release screen shot, April Fools joke...Author unknown)
6.0 2003 12 22
6.1 2004 03 11
*.* 2004 05 26 (Zoogdesign Read Only to Merge with AUGI)
7.0 2004 12 13

Autodesk Revit Building (New Name)
8.0 2005 02 26ish
8.1 2005 08 12 (web release then withdrawn)
8.1 2005 08 23 (Actual release)
9.0 2006 04 12 (Shipping & Web Release)

Autodesk Revit Series (Marketing Bundle w/ AutoCAD)
1.0 2003 12 01 (Revit 6.1)
2.0 2004 XX XX (…


Turning CO2 into concrete may be one of many ways to sequester our carbon dioxide issues...
See what Calera is up to on their web site!

Owners - It's Time to Substantially Increase Your Architect's and Engineer's Fees | Articles | Reed Construction Data

Dennis Neely wrote an article you can read on Reed Construction Data-
On the project he quoted the Architect took on more fees and proceeded to save the client big bucks in the long run.

It looks like the hope is the industry will build all the fine content and architects will just use it- but the reality is there is not any standardization across the manufacturers for content.

What we need is a Data mapper database to help tanslate and funnel all that manufacturer content into parameters we can and will actually use. Its a nich market - architectural data managers- and we are going to need to meet these data coordination issues sooner than later.

Owners - It's Time to Substantially Increase Your Architect's and EngineerDennis's Fees

Cloud computing - The next best thing for Revit ?

Rent or own software - flying in the clouds- remote access-

There is much more coming- Microsoft is attempting to brand the cloud...
With collaborative packages like Revit there are huge potential gains from wider pipes for data transmission (think intranet 1GB/sec VS direct disk access) - it is a lot faster to reference in other files that aren't being updated, riverbed'ed, pushed or pulled across networks (especially distant ones)

One Major drawback- if the internet is cut or lost- you're stranded and down just as if the power went out.

So best to have several pipelines routed out the front and back of the office in case one gets cut ; )

AEC Bytes BIM and the Cloud
Chris France - CIO, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting covers these basic benefits of Cloud Computing in his article on AEC bytes he covers-
1. Growing Desktop Computing Needs
2. Collaborating Over Wide Area Geography
3. Collaborating with Outside Firms on the Same Model
4. IT Infrastructure Cost Consolidation

RE: Routine to strip ALL AutoCAD Mtext

AutoCAD VBAAnd - reset fonts to Arial...OPTION EXPLICITSub ResetTextStyles_TO_ARIAL()
''reset ROMANS and other text styles to ARIAL
Dim ObjTStyle As AcadTextStyle
For Each ObjTStyle In ThisDrawing.TextStyles
ObjTStyle.fontFile = "C:\WINDOWS\Fonts\ARIAL.TTF"
Next ObjTStyle
End Sub

Routine to strip ALL AutoCAD Mtext

Routine to strip formatting in ALL Autocad MTEXT (Translating Revit
"text" to autocad drawings dumps as MTEXT with some odd formatting
issues) try this:OPTION EXPLICIT
Sub Make_Mtext_StyleDependant()
Dim oAcadObj As AcadObject

Dim ObjBlock As AcadBlock
Dim ObjBlocks As AcadBlockReference

Dim ObjTxt As AcadMText
Dim ObjAcad As AcadObject

Dim x

For Each ObjBlock In ThisDrawing.Blocks
If InStr(1, LCase(ObjBlock.Name), "seal") < 1 Then ''don't mess
with the seals!
For Each ObjAcad In ObjBlock
If InStr(1, LCase(ObjAcad.ObjectName), "mtext") > 0 Then
Set ObjTxt = ObjAcad
x = Split(ObjTxt.TextString, ";") ''split all
formatting delimeters in the text string
ObjTxt.TextString = x(UBound(x)) ''take the last one
(Should be text)- may not work correctly on stacked fractions....
End If
Next O…