Cloud computing - The next best thing for Revit ?

Rent or own software - flying in the clouds- remote access-

There is much more coming- Microsoft is attempting to brand the cloud...
With collaborative packages like Revit there are huge potential gains from wider pipes for data transmission (think intranet 1GB/sec VS direct disk access) - it is a lot faster to reference in other files that aren't being updated, riverbed'ed, pushed or pulled across networks (especially distant ones)

One Major drawback- if the internet is cut or lost- you're stranded and down just as if the power went out.

So best to have several pipelines routed out the front and back of the office in case one gets cut ; )

AEC Bytes BIM and the Cloud
Chris France - CIO, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting covers these basic benefits of Cloud Computing in his article on AEC bytes he covers-
1. Growing Desktop Computing Needs
2. Collaborating Over Wide Area Geography
3. Collaborating with Outside Firms on the Same Model
4. IT Infrastructure Cost Consolidation
5. Regional Office IT Infrastructure Consolidation
6. General Purpose Business Applications
7. Full Mobility
8. IT Automation and Support Reduction
9. Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Security
10. Locked Down Corporate Desktops, Unlocked Personal Laptops
11. Rendering and Animation Farm

AutoDESK Project Twitch (Remote Revit access for limited Trial users)

RobiNZ CAD Blog: Living and Blogging with Live Mesh

You-bought-it-you-own-it vs the Cloud


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