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This is much like what I want to do for my PHD- I sent a letter to these guys they are tracking the active interior aspects of the building whereas I am interested in the exterior and building envelope...

I have been thinking about embedded sensors in materials as part of a thesis should I dare attempt to venture back to college.
 Where are you guys located? My family and I am relocating to Denver, CO next month in the hopes of finding good VDC/BIM/Revit work. I am very interested in this process of data gathering and integrating it into systems- particularly in the sensors and data collection.I was thinking that a sensor powered by a capacitor or wireless energy source that was similar to RFID but with temperature/humidity/location/flexure for inside walls to help determine areas of thermal/moisture transmittance, leakage, etc… These sensors would be about the size of a quarter or dime and powered wirelessly. More complex systems could send a data ID Ping ahead of the data and could amount to thousands or tens of thousands of sensors in a building. I would love to see more of your notes and configurations. Looks like you guys are studying the active systems of the building whereas I was thinking of evaluating the passive aspects of the building from the exterior to the core and in between. It all goes to data to collect to reintegrate in the design models for the current structure- the most astonishing thing I find about LEED accreditation and energy models- I have very little or no information on the follow up data to verify these models are accurate... much like unproved theories.  I am hoping you are in Denver, I would love the chance to meet and swap ideas.Thanks-Ron 
Hopefully they are interested in collaborating. I may need to move forward with my Masters/PHD work in Building systems/Architecture. It is one of the reasons I wanted to move to Colorado ... next question is arcitectural engineering at Boulder http://ceae.colorado.edu/ or  UC Boulder for architectural engineering http://www.colorado.edu/catalog/2012-13/content/architectural-engineering  which may be closer to what I am looking for with the specialties in "CVEN 5020 Building Energy Measurements and Audits" although it may required the underlying Architectural engineering classes to understand and pull off...

Otherwise it is working from the workbench and doing it the 99% persperative method J.


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