Using Revit with GlobalSCAPE WAFS

If you have been having trouble with linking, UNC paths and drive mapping this states the issues quite nicely and has a work aorund that may work:

Using Revit with GlobalSCAPE WAFS
Central File Access
A single adjustment must be made on user workstations for users that will be working on work-shared Revit models being replicated by the WAFS system. The modification requires the creation of a new drive letter mapping using the Windows SUBST command. When Revit creates a Central file, it stores the path of the Central file within the Central file and associated local files. This path is used by the Revit workstations in conjunction with the local copies of the Central file to identify where the Central file resides for actions such as Save to Central, Reload Latest, and borrowing.

When replicating Central files via the WAFS system, the Central files will be located on different file
servers at each site. Thus, the UNC path will be different at each site and will result in Revit failing to locate the Central file when working in the work-shared mode. Supposing there are 2 offices, users at Office A will access a shared drive on FileServerA and users at Office B will access a shared driver on
FileServerB. If a user at Office A creates a new Central file, the Central file will internally store a UNC path with \\fileservera\Revit Projects. When a user at Office B accesses the file, which has been replicated by WAFS to FileServerB, Revit will expect to see a UNC of \\fileserverb\Revit Projects and will issue a warning that the Central file has been relocated.


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