Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Workshared CENTRAL-LOCAL file naming conventions

Proposed standards for Revit WORK-SHARE ENABLED files.
Why you should use this standard...
  • Start with a project template
  • JOB Number prefix for all files based on DOD projects this is usually assigned by USACE, NAVFAC, USAF etc. followed by a dash and the word "CENTRAL"
  • File subfolder structure Either:
    • The Non-preferred method  which can only be used for a SINGLE Building only:
      • one CENTRAL file resides directly in the project's Revit Central folder
-Otherwise a preferred method to take into account future additions and expansion-
    • Multiple buildings and amenities should be broken into sub-foders:
      • One master site file in the Revit Central Folder based on topographic locations (NGVD national geodetic vertical datum) 
      • Simple subfolder name identifying the component (i.e. 72PN, SOLDIERS_CENTER, MAIL_KIOSK, DUMPSTER_SCREEN)
      • Each subfolder contains central file located using shared coordinates on the site. NOTE: Files imported from CAD should share the same origin points as the CAD file for import/export reasons.
      • Each Central file has its own sheet layouts and items detailed in those views for linking into a master set. If this method is used details for a given related component reside with the subcomponent.
      • Each central file is oriented to plan north. True north can be located by pushing shared coordinates from the linked building on the site back to the subcomponents.
      • Take care when naming multiple shared coordinate systems- they should resemble the file/folder/building naming system.
  • LOCAL Copies should reside in your C Drive in a folder C:\__[YOUR LOGIN NAME]\Projects\ProjectNumber\[local copy name].rvt
  • The local copy should be identical to the Central with the exception the word LOCAL replaces the word CENTRAL in the name.


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