TODAYonline | Business | S$6m BIM fund benefits more than 100 local firms

TODAYonline Business S$6m BIM fund benefits more than 100 local firms

S$6m BIM fund benefits more than 100 local firms
04:45 AM Nov 10, 2011

SINGAPORE - More than 100 local firms, including about 30 engineering consultants, have received support through a S$6 million fund set up to promote building information modelling (BIM) in the construction industry. Speaking at the Professionals Engineers Board Day of Dedication yesterday, Minister of State for Trade and Industry and National Development Lee Yi Shyan revealed that S$4.2 million, or about 70 per cent, of the fund has been committed.The BIM fund is part of a larger S$250 million Construction Productivity and Capability Fund and was set up by the Government to ease the transition from two-dimensional computer-aided design to three-dimensional modelling technology. The BIM fund covers costs on training, consultancy, software and hardware.Referring to the Addendum to the President's Address last month in Parliament, Mr Lee reiterated that the Ministry of National Development is committed to raising the capabilities and productivity of the construction industry. "Towards this goal, I see great potential for our engineers to play a transformational role in shaping the industry," he said.The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) aims to have BIM widely adopted across the industry by 2015. Mr Lee also said that for the next two years, the BCA projects high construction demand of between S$21 billion and S$28 billion a year, primarily due to the ramp up of the supply of Housing and Development Board flats and new development projects.


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