Windows 7 local shortcuts "do you want to open this file" warning

Windows 7 local shortcuts "do you want to open this file" warning:

'via Blog this'

Ok this has annoyed the ever-living daylights out of me for a while. I have my favorites as a quick-launch from the start menu (as they appear everywhere- it is a fast path location to my projects, files, etc.)

But I would get this annoying message "These files may be harmful" every time I launched Chrome or anything else from there.

So I found the above link and came up with this:

ICACLS "C:\Users\%username%\favorites"
/Setintegritylevel (OI)(CI)

Which resets the discretionary access control list for that folder/subfolder. Keep in mind this may be a place for viruses to hide or malicious shortcuts, but virus scanners take care of that for the most part (nothing is allowed to create any shortcuts, downloads, etc. without having to ask)

So now to script right clicking my next project to add the shortcuts to where I want to go!


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