On the Road to VDC Integration~ Geeking out over Revit and MS Access data connections...

On the Road to VDC Integration~ Geeking out over Revit and MS Access data connections...
Personal breakthrough- I finally got an great connection from Revit 2015 to MS Access through a plugin called DBConnect. 
I had to install the ODBCx64 drivers downloaded from Microsoft as even whn I installed the x64 version of office to go with my x64bit everythign else it insisted on rverting to teh x32 ODBC drivers:
http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=23734 i got from this very useful dude!~
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You can download the drivers here:


This file will add Access to the list of file types in the ODBC administrator.

Not sure if its 32 or 64 bit. But it worked on a machine running 64bit Win 7

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Once installed I could use the ODBC connection to create a new export from the current Project.

This exported the nearly 300 database tables of information from Revit. I was then able to create reports from these tables to summarize information from the Revit model.

EXCEL- Holy... Much to my surprise...
I decided to link the information into Excel office 365 as data links. I created a Pivot table of walls and then added areas from another walls table tabulations for wall areas instantly appeared! I about passed out (Probably should not have skipped lunch  8-p

If we use the database to gather and consolidate the information that information and adjustments in it can possibly round-trip back into Revit as well... Don't need Bimlink or any of those others : )

Amazing linking and data available for extraction for any number of possible applications... and it is all finally working on x64bit Revit & MSOffice.


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