Companies with an IPO have stock holders who require profits; Every (A/E) company seems to meander they first become an IPO; losing sight of what would be best for the company and their employees having instead to focus on what is best for the stock holders. Training is definitely one of those areas, followed by locking down of a variety of tools then requirement of how those tools /must/ be utilized. Baking every employee fit the same mold(s) stifles creative problem solving and cuts off avenues which lead to incredible problem solving opportunities.

I love the adage "What happens if employees are trained, then leave... or, if if they are not trained and stay!?"

I am probably best described as an egalitarian idealist- If we train employees it raises the standard of care and work in our industry offering more opportunities in the long run, focusing on work and quality product rather than profits for the betterment of the greater good.

I have said in the past if I ever were to start a company with colleagues it would be not-for-profit company, with everyone having a say in the company's development, and a share in the profit (Or pushed to the betterment and growing of the company). The equations to weigh the input and divvy up the sharing are the parts I haven't found yet : )

To the point of technology- A360 is the first platform I have seen designed from the ground up with the /intent/ of covering schematic design through facilities management and operations. This is 100% in tune with our Design-build-finance-operate (BDFO) initiative. I can see A360 completely replacing its competitor Bentley Project Wise, but A360 is barely released and some of its major (Revit) components have some seriously large security flaws, and it is not yet fully integrated- but they are getting there.

The potential is there- Autodesk just needs to stay on target, track it and build it with care and consideration of its end users.


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