RAC2010-Model your wall families WITH finishes and avoid the PICK tool when sketching.

Two issues-

1. Model walls with relative finishes. For example if there is a wet wall with tile- add the tile and assign a FINISHES INTERIOR TILE GENERIC material to account for the thickness of the tile and the tile as a material.

If the tile is not full height and stops at the underside of the ceiling tiles it may need to be represented more accurately (as a sweep for instance) that becomes a different issue-however at least the materials are accounted for in plan and elevation and section.

2. Given the issues we have been having with ceilings avoid using the pick tool when sketching the ceiling boundary:

The pick tool makes a soft association with the picked element.

Normally this would be a good thing allowing the ceiling boundary to adjust with the wall. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work right as we found with the first ceiling layouts and wall adjustments (Error cannot extrude element= cannot adjust ceiling). This happens particularly when a boundary tries to adjust there is not an intervening line to allow for the stretch between two co-linear sketch lines- then sketch breaks and fails.


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