(INSTALLER VBS)REVIT Recreate local file in one click

I have an An example of a script available that I generated to copy REVIT central files to local files in a standardized local directory system, delete existing file & backup folder and rename from central to local.
You can use it as a starting point for your localizers.
Revit VBS to Localize files:
  • Unzip the zip file to your desktop
  • Double click the install
  • It copies the other VBS to your SendTo folder
To use-
This file will likely require some modifications for your specific needs but this one:
  • Right click one or a selected group of central files (Note File must have CENTRAL in the name)
  • SendTo >> Select Revit_Localize.vbs
  • It looks for project numbers that match a Regular Expression generated to match a specific sequence- Refined by reading through some Microsoft Regex Info and tested here.
  • Creates a folder structure in C:\ with a double underscore "__", the user login name, Projects, then the project number it discerned from above. Creates the folders if they don't exist.
  • It deletes any existing local copy and backup folder at this location.
  • Copies the files and renames them.
  • It pops up with the message screen showing how many files it was sent.
  • This could probably be incorporated into a BAT file if you wanted it to automatically recreate local files at startup or on demand... etc...
Use carefully and enjoy!
Ron E. Allen


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