Cad Export Process

Added... "Browse to the export folder." below

Cad Export Process (After bare-bones & Materials are assigned)
Revit Icon> Export> CAD Formats > DWG

Select set to export (Or Insession)

Select sheets/views to filter in the list. Sort by name to itemize everything by drawing type and its name

Set up CAD Layer naming (If not already set)

This may require selecting one of the read-only layer exports and resaving it under a different Name. Revit ADDS ALL LAYER NAMES from linked drawing files- to prevent this list from becoming too large we made it read only.

Browse to the export folder.

Strip everything off the ‘tail’ of the file name so the project number (and building identifier if necessary) are the only  elements left to use as a prefix. Revit will add a “-“ after this prefix.

  • For standard CAD export - Make sure the [ ] Xref views on sheets is unchecked. This places all elements with the sheet in one file.
  • For “STRIP REFERENCING”  Make sure the [X] Xref views on sheets is checked.

*If files and borders are to be x-refed for continuity- editing in CAD must be done to setup the xbdr files and other base files.

You can then use Re-namer to further clean up and refine the file names (If you have several to do at once)

Mass-renaming of files should only be attempted by those who are certified to use it.



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