Finish extents tag-  to show extents of finish along wall in plan. 
This 'tag' is actually a  DETAIL COMPONENT that you can use to tag walls/extents of finishes to show the extent of finishes in plan (Interiors old-school).
It can be taken one step further- By incorporating this detail component into a generic wall hosted family- it can force to snap to walls and will show wherever the instance is cut. These families would actually map the extent of the wall finish as a wall-hosted object which then would show the tags when cut. This can be done but would take some reconstruction of the family to keep it under control (Like the ADA graphics- it would likely need to be a generic subcategory and/or locked down to a specific workset)
MARK and DESCRIPTION are the parameters for the text/graphics. These are designated by type.


  1. I really need something like this - any chance you are willing to make it available? the links are broken...

    1. Sure- let me see if I can find out why the darn link bombed out. Sorry for the delay- I use this as a place to search back and find ideas or solutions so I don't have to start at square 1 again : ) Forget to check the comments.


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