FW: Revit Tip- COPING in 3D - peaked brick example

To create the coping that sweeps in 3 dimensions we can use an in place family. (One of the few instances in place is useful)

Create a coping profile – load it into your project.

You can use the same in place family to create the coping for the entire building.

To start:
Create an in place family
Create a sweep
Set the work plane- use "pick work plane"
Sketch the path - Use the pick tool for the ridge
Add "tails" horizontally so we can join them up later (in image 3)
Finish the sketch
Select the coping profile for the profile.

Finish the first sweep.

The second sweep will be hosted to the "top" of the wall- reference planes to "host" the base sketch could be used as well…

Once the pieces have been created- Then the multiple planes can be "joined" under the modify tab- this will get rid of the seams- final product shown below:

I am still looking for a 3d sweep/sketch…


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