Shortcut generator

proof of concept of quick shortcuts…
(*Note this L:\Graphics Library\UTILITIES\FolderUtilities\   --  "AutoShortcut.vbs" file this is an alpha script and needs polishing : )

With a regular folder structure- one click creates quick access to folders we use most often for each project; without modifying the actual project's folder structure.

Some  'quick folders' customizations could include
·         'marketing' quick folders
·         'proposal' quick folders
·         PM's typical quick folders
·         'construction document' or production quick folders
·         Or Any typical or favorite configuration need[REA] ed.
·         Note- It doesn't exclude any folders- it just creates an organized set of links the folders we most often use on projects. The existing folder structure remains consistent and intact.

Shortcuts are  located in C:\Users\[YOUR USED ID]\Documents\_Projects   This folder my 'HOME' folders for Revit, AutoCAD, Excel, Word, windows start bar - everything. 

Graphic examples here:

And these:

In this example – I have a folder I keep on my start menu which has all my projects I am working on.  (C:\Users\rallen\Documents\_Projects)
One click and I created the  folders above from these 'typical' folders I would use:
3.0 Graphics\3.7 Revit\
3.0 Graphics\3.7 Revit\3.7.1 Project Files\
3.0 Graphics\3.7 Revit\3.7.2 Library Family\
3.0 Graphics\3.8 Consultants\

This same concept can be applied in the P: drive so that there are only *short* project numbers, with more "human" or identifiable project names in the shortcuts to those numbers.


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