fully integrated Revit BIM system from SD to contract to CD and CA.

Most of my career I have dreamed, been mapping and working on a fully integrated system that starts with check-box contract integration and maps that information into deliverable milestones, folder structures, and time sheets so that everything works cohesively. I have years of flow charts, mind maps tie together for a substantial organizational structure that has many built in cross checks based on my experiences and those who shared their experiences..

I Believe I have an effective solution to the data management and production aspect.

Next is integration with a database system and linkage to 'typical' contractual segments which are joined and linked into the deliverable portion of the database. That legal base would require corporate legal to spell out the sections of contracts for each discipline for a given project; these sections can then be cross checked for conflicts or required extensions for more effective billing and estimation.The project is then pull-planned mapping each BIM deliverable paralleling physical construction. 'Plan the build then build the plan' is a great Mantra for this and when everyone on the design/build team is on board- I believe a near-zero change order can be achieved- just need to learn database integration : ).


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