With the advent of Collaboration For Revit, VDI (centralized Virtual desktops) and single-domain/ Single servers work can be distributed across AECOM and we can strip the 'Silo'd' mentality.

Consolidate unit types (e.g. make all the architectural employees part of B+P) Other divisions could search through the resources to see who had worked on particular project types i.e. Themed, Water, GSA, Military, Classified capable, etc.

Then we could Restructure our billing for projects to a more unified per unit-of-focus. Architecture one would typically expect to see phasing and sub grouping reflecting Pursuit, Contract, SD, DD, CD, Estimating, CA, Facilities Management, etc. also correlating to BIM standards, as well as platforms (AutoCAD, Revit, etc. ) Usage in those projects.

From this, standardized metrics can be developed for all projects within units

Sold time should also allow for about 15% for pursuits, emails, phone calls. This should help loosen work to distribute it across AECOM to provide billable work for everyone.

Education assessment and strengthening-education are also huge- having 'Sold' time available (i.e. 4 hours per month- required to validate information in quizzes etc.) to bolster employee education is huge. The old adage "What happens if they are trained then they leave; or is it worse to be untrained and stay?"


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