Autodesk 360 Team is officially Released! (Collaboration For Revit) | LinkedIn

Autodesk 360 Team is officially Released! (Collaboration For Revit) | LinkedIn:


"We are excited to announce that BIM 360 Team has joined the BIM 360 portfolio of services[....]BIM 360 Team is built for architecture and engineering professionals.  Through a cloud platform, it enables your team to design, review and iterate on projects from conceptual design through construction documentation.
What can BIM 360 Team do?
BIM 360 Team gives design teams a central location to communicate, view, markup and review both 2D and 3D project design files from anywhere.  This helps design teams to gain consensus faster, make decisions together and build stakeholder engagement.
With BIM 360 Team, you can:
Access a single online workspace for all project team members helps distributed team stay connected and organized at all times
Let all team members, not just design authors, view, comment and markup design models
Hold live review sessions with built-in browser sharing
Track the design process with version history and control to help ensure that every design discipline has access to the latest information
Access critical project information from anywhere — within a web browser or mobile device
To learn more about BIM 360 Team, visit

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