The Future of Construction Technology

The Future of Construction Technology:

  • The Future of Construction Technology
    • ​The construction industry is currently undergoing a rapid and long overdue technological change... the construction sector had been relying on outdated technology that perpetuates longer than necessary construction project build-outs, resulting in costly project overruns...
  • New Construction Technology Being Used
    • Drones, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, big data, and BIM are some of the new technologies that are shaping the new construction landscape...
  • Big data and cloud computing
    •  “The cloud offers almost infinite computing power, giving you access to hundreds of thousands of CPUs that engage in parallel processing”
    • “We’re also starting to see early examples of data mining, big data and predictive analytics open up in construction now, that are really helping to deliver those steep changes in productivity, waste reduction, and the acceleration of schedules,”
  • Prefab and additive manufacturing
    • “Over the next five years, we’ll see an increasing percentage of the world’s buildings and infrastructure being prefabricated and then shipped around the world to be assembled on site,”
  • 3D Printing
    • “It’s already possible today to print 80 different types of material, including steel and glass and ceramic, and it’s still just early days.”
  • The Future Is Now 
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