DRAWING CLEANUPS... Elevation marker cleanups

For elevations on the plans that exist within a callout-
1. Go to the callout (Or verify the scale of the callout)
2. Select the point of the elevation
3. Match the HIDE AT SCALES COARSER THAN properties of the elevation to the callouts scale. If the callout is 1/2"/ft then the Elevation marks within that should be hidden at scales coarser than 1/2"/ft.
If for some reasons callouts are being deleted - YOU MUST OPEN THE CALLOUT TO SEE IF THERE ARE ANY ELEVATIONS IN THE CALLOUT and change them back to 1/8"/ft. If this step is not followed the elevations will be invisible in every view.
NOTE: SIM views are view-specific and do not have a hide at scales coarser than.
This could be handled programmatically- search through every view defaulting the hide at scales coarser than for the finest scale visible. Filters for tags and limit for hide at scales coarser than and [ ]only views on sheets (REGEX filter) should be considered.


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