Templating nomenclature & Updated browser settings for project browser(VIEWS)

04.AI-IN-PLANS (1/8"/FT)
04.AI-IN-PLANS (1/4"/FT) Added- for interior floor plans (Intended for AE451 series – needs some coordination with interiors- Steph & Michelle can we meet tomorrow morning?)                to show casework and interior elevations (& Details?)

Project browser settings:

Browser- (Default) Browser

*UNUSED VIEWS filters out showing all unplaced views in the set- except dependant/primary views
*USED VIEWS isolates views placed on sheets.

*NOTE: for USED / UNUSED - With the exception of PRIMARY/DEPENDANT Views… Primary views are never placed on sheets… so they show as unused even though the dependant views ARE on sheets. Unused dependant views show under the primary view status.

View templating nomenclature:

|  |  |       |      |
|  |  |       |
|  |  |       +-----------EXTENDED DESCRIPTION
|  |  |
|  |  +-------------------2x Discipline designator or
|  |                       Typical View Type (PLAN, DETAIL, GENERAL, DRAFT)
|  |                       (*NOTE Can be applied to other view types)
|  |
|  +----------------------rough sequential order in set
+-------------------------View Sheet prefix association:

##=PARTIAL, 00=general, 01=plans, 02=elevs, 03=sections
04=large scale views, 05=details,
06=schedules & diagrams (& door glaze details)
07=user, 08=user,
09=3d representations (Including perspectives)

*FOLDER_0 = view template name


Applying view templates applies folder1 and folder 2 which organizes  views in Project Browser.


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