Revit Server (New fall 2010)

Found this from an AU2010 class- The Revit Server Extension may prove helpful if we need to work over the WAN.

From what I gather it adds an intermediary  between the actual central file and what the end-users perceive as the central file.

Typically for use if users on a project must collaborate across the WAN.

A central server (over the WAN) maintains what I will call the WAN-CENTRAL file
The local server communicates with the WAN-CENTRAL to maintain updates on what I will call the LAN-CENTRAL during STCs
The end-users STC on their system syncs with the LAN-CENTRAL copy. This is supposed to eliminate the (potentially deadly) Wide Area Network lag- so users perceive a STC that is as fast as a LAN STC and no issues arise from the lag not syncing across systems.

All this appears to be handled with my SQL- so true locks can be established with pieces and parts of the file's work shared elements.

Really Dr. Seuss'ish eh? But if they keep heading in this direction – I believe it may also eliminate the scalability issues Bentley has virtually solved.

Free with subscription pack.

Seems the best option for large projects in general – Autodesk should consider this approach for Revit in general... this may be where they are already heading. With this approach linked files would be virtually transparent either over the LAN or the WAN.

This hasn't been tested in virtual servers and the could yet- but that too may prove to be promising. A typical added cost could come in the form of a redundant 'Revit server' which mirrors the main server in the even the main goes down. If the server goes down – everything stops.

Once they establish a more distributed model- where there are redundant communication avenues between machines as well as the WAN-central I believe they will have nailed the next big hurdle.


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