FW: 03683 Partition schedules

There are a lot of reasons for including interior finishes included with wall types including accounting  for material thicknesses and elevational information, fire & Smoke ratings, etc .

Ways of managing the wall partition schedule that meets the BIM nature of projects (Including finishes) are being devised. Some of the wall types should be inseparable like heavy stone finishes on a load bearing partition while others can be additive- like the wood finish panel  systems in corridors. Having placeholders for elements like these in critical wall types or UL Specific wall types should be the basis for categorization.

The VA Is heading to a process similar to this (<>).

I disagree with the approach of creating 'general' partitions with generalized notes (I.e. Cementitious board at all wet areas, Impact resistant board at all corridors and only one A1 wall type) and I disagree with reverting to a generalist approach to the Revit BIM model- its ends up being counterproductive in the long run. 
We are currently implementing coarse view patterns for fire walls- and have many permutations of wall types representing walls with tile, special finishes, impact resistant finishes, etc. and combinations thereof. I suspect the answer lies in a combination of what the VA is proposing and spliced parameters including the Fire Rating parameter.

In the meantime- anyone have some good solid ways of categorizing those wall types or how do you separate they wall types and categories? 

Filters?  Display representations? What elements do you use to drive these things?



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