Fire tapes and _RATING_CODE parameter

The rating code associated with the Walls (&doors, windows ) "_RATING"

Drives these graphics for the fire walls and smoke partitions-

To update/apply the fire tapes to an existing view template:
1. Go into the view with the view template
2. Apply default view template, copy the view template name to the clipboard
3. Apply the partial template ##.01-FIRE/FURNITURE FILTERS PARTIAL
4. Right click the view in the project browser and create template from view, us the name copied into the clipboard from step 2.
5. When asked if you want to redefine the template answer Yes.

Few rules for this method to work properly:

1. All materials must have a cut pattern applied to them- this could be the default material provided it follows the remaining rules as well.
2. If no cut pattern is set, assign a corresponding hatch pattern and set the color to WHITE- this allows a hatch pattern but does not alter the visibility.
3. The hatch pattern assigned to the materials must be oriented to object (see materials figure) below

Doors have an embedded element that can be turned on to show fire tapes continuous through the doors e.g. to meet AHCA codes.


  1. looking for usable patterns, share?

    1. Just saw your comment - sorry for the delay - sure - I can post to a share somewhere...


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