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Revit RDB LINK :  'free' to subscription and current users 2011 and up
*Last I looked at this you need 64bit MSOffice running with 64bit Revit to link the files. 64 bit office apparently has issues with the old (3rd party) 32bit add-ins. If you don't use add-ins in outlook, word, excel or Access it shouldn't be a problem. As a work around you can push through a SQL database- but the setup is a bit extensive and quite a manual process.

Once you get into the database – that is half the battle- figuring out the information structure and what info to link or ignore is the next issue.

http://www.ideatebimlink.com/    A bit too Pricey  IMO but allows manipulation of families and other content VIA a PUSH to excel and then allows excel to PUSH back to Revit.
Ideate BIMLink 2012

Pricing is for one standalone license. Enterprise licensing is available - contact your authorized reseller or email bimlink.sales@ideateinc.com.

After your order has been processed, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download and activate your Ideate BIMLink software.
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CTC excel <> Revit datalink- - Again is a PUS from Revit to excel and then a PUSH back into Revit. Appears to have a little less functionality than BIMLINK and is not as friendly.


Now there is an affordable tool that enables Revit users to round trip data from Revit to Microsoft Excel, and back into Revit. The Revit Excel Link is the quickest and easiest way to edit Revit data in Excel. 
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